My 4K Quest


July 2011 – I made the declaration to return to hiking 4,000 footers.  It had been nearly 10 years and an additional 20+ pounds.  Fast forward three years, I am finally tackling the list of 48 peaks in New Hampshire.  In an effort to keep this documentation short, sweet and entertaining I will simply post pictures and a short story (with trails used) for each peak I summit.  Enjoy the view!


June 15, 2014 

Mt. Pierce, a quick stop at Mizpah Hut and Mt. Jackson.

50 mph winds, 37 degrees at summits.  I don’t know how we didn’t blow off of Mt. Jackson.  We originally planned on hiking Pierce and Eisenhower for my first 4Ks but weather in the notch had other ideas (as it often does).    Tony felt ill for most of the hike, we did not have enough layers, I had horrible cramps (TMI… sorry!) and we saw some ridiculously under-prepared (more than us!) hikers. As we were coming up the last bit of trail to the ridge for Eisenhower, we came across an old guy who said “just don’t do it.”  There was no visibility on the ridge and we scrapped Eisenhower.  Despite the change of plans, we had a blast.  Tony took a hysterical video at the top of Jackson that simply shows that no matter what the weather, we can make it fun!

Crawford Path –> Webster Cliff Trail –> Webster-Jackson Trail

8.8 miles/5:27 elapsed time

After getting back to the car, we drove into North Conway where is was amazingly sunny and warm.  We collapsed on the Adirondack chairs at Moat, unable to believe what we just experienced!

Mt. Pierce

Mt. Pierce


Mt. Jackson

Mt. Jackson

June 22, 2014

This trip was known as “popping Lise’s 4K cherry.”  She had hiked in college and has mountain climbing experience but like me has been a very long time she has hiked.  We had a freaking blast!!!!  We bagged East Osceola and Mt. Osceola on this cloudy but comfortable day.  Views were pretty good from Mt. Osceola and we only offended a few people with our incessant chatter.  We chose to park on the Kanc and bagged both peaks for an out an back.  The “chimney” was a blast!

Greeley Pond Trail –> Mt. Osceola Trail (and then back)

7.2 miles/5:52 elapsed time

East Osceola

East Osceola

Mt. Osceola

Mt. Osceola

June 29, 2014

Wildcat D trail race was amazing!!!  It was a chance for us to run and bag a peak at the same time.  It was the first year of the race and despite a late start it was well run and a blast.  The run took us around the entire perimeter of Wildcat ski area in a clockwise direction for a total of 5.1 miles.  Once on the summit, we plummeted downhill for over 2 miles.  This was bittersweet too because it was my first serious downhill racing since getting injured over the winter.  I was laughing hysterically in runner’s high delirium!  I finished the course in 1:35, not bad considering I took a ton of pictures and wasn’t “racing.”

Pre-race!  The ridgeline we climbed in background!

Pre-race! The ridgeline we climbed in background!

Wildcat D

Wildcat D

July 26, 2014 

First attempt at a mountain since trashing my ankle… picture me in a very well made CEP brace (cubby ankle = Chankle) and Tony carrying around baby wipes names “Tugaboos.”  Chankle and Tugaboo take on the mountains. Mt. Whiteface (#6) and Mt. Passaconoway (#7) was a repeat for me.  I did this in 7.5 hours last year with Katie and Steve.  The route is 11.3 miles long, had 3857 feet of climb and my goal was sub 6 hours.  DONE!  Only tweaked the ankle once and recovered in style (see below).  This is such a fun route!

ice pass tree wf


August 10, 2014 

Mt. Field (#8), Mt. Willey (#9) and Mt. Tom (#10) in that order (with Mt. Avalon thrown in… we needed to summit that to get to Field the way we chose!).


Such a fun day.  This route was 9.8 and combined with my 11.6 road run from the day before gave me a very strong 21 miles for the weekend.  WOOO!!!  Training is working and I do love me some mountain time!

August 15, 2014 

Check out my Mt. Isolation trip report!


Yes the sign is upside down!  I didn’t want to take it again… Awesome day at over 5100 feet!





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