Last Week’s Workouts – 11/26/18

Now that I am setting a base and have chosen some goals for next year, I want to make an effort to post my weekly workouts.

I am a Training Peaks and Strava user.  I love the social aspect of Strava, but find Training Peaks does a better job of showing efforts, fatigue levels and “growth.”  I have gotten used to looking at my TP and knowing when to push and when to rest.

Monday 11/26: 45 minute RPM cycling class at home.  Have a mentioned I ADORE my Schwinn IC3?  It’s basic, but well built and rock solid.  I use spin shoes and clips, which I believe allows me to get the most out of my legs during these sessions.

Tuesday 11/27:  I started my day with a 30 minute ab session using CXWORX.  This programming incorporates bands and plates, making ab work hard.  I finished my day with friends at Kingman Farm, running in the slop.  The snow, mud and water make efforts hard and fun!  Lise had four hill repeats on her plan for the day, so we did that!

Wednesday 11/28: Easy run with the jailer at lunch.  Lunch runs help reset my brain and make me more productive in the afternoon.

Thursday 11/29: Strength session using a Bodypump class.  The point of these classes is low weight, high reps.  I am pleased with the weight of my bar right now.  I can tell my legs are getting stronger by the week.  These classes test my endurance, which translates to the trail!

Friday 11/30:  I felt like spinning again, so I did.  I bought the bike to give me the option between cold morning runs or spinning.  As someone with fairly severe Raynaud’s Syndrome, it’s nice to have the option.  The tough part about short runs and Raynaud’s is my hands often never warm up, even with mittens and warmers.  It’s just misery.  During long runs, the heat eventually makes it to my hands and I do just fine.  So yeah… I chose to spin with the hot Australians instead.

Saturday 12/1:  I am still sore from defensive tactics class at work…

Sunday 12/2:  I tried out the Les Mills Grit session.  Woof!  It reminded me of HIIT classes at the gym.  Thirty minutes of work using a bar, 10 lb plate or body weight depending on the circuit.  I loved it and it went by quick.  My abs and lats feel it this AM.  I joined Lise and Tony for a VERY wet run in Northwood after this gym session.  The water was raging down the trail and it poured for the whole 5.75 miles!  We laughed the whole way.  My new Altra RSM Lone Peaks are amazing.  Paired with a pair of water proof socks, but feet did great in standing water.


Overall, I am pleased with the work I put in last week and feel the good “sore” as a result of throwing new work at my body.  My knee and ankles are holding up well (crossing fingers, knocking on wood) and I’m doing balancing work plus targeted strength work to keep them healthy.