Unconventional Training


Barn workouts!

I am no stranger to running training plans… especially those that incorporate strength work.  In fact, those with strength specific days tend to be what I gravitate towards.  As a not so fast runner, I have learned the art of building muscle and being capable of long pushes.  I can typically drop a trail marathon in training like it’s no big deal.  I make a great late mile pacer in ultras because of my strong march.  I have learned my areas of strength and have worked to perfect them in recent years.


As we wind down 2018, a year I focused on being a pacer, and enter 2019 I have finally found that spark to train.  I am so excited to “race” next year and chose the Ragged 75 Stage Race as my A goal!  I have crewed for this race when it was the Emerald and volunteered the last two years.  This year, I swept the last 24 miles of Day 3 (also the course the 50k entrants run).  I was planning on running the 50k, since I did not get a chance to run the Pineland 50k in May.  The house fire 12 days earlier took away my will to race, so sweeping was an excellent way to get out on the trail and get miles in.


Scenes from the Ragged 75 and 50K

This race plays into my strengths… I can climb and hike day after day.  I enjoy camping out and recovering.  I also love the camaraderie of group challenges.  I am very excited about stage racing the entire thing next year!  I also figure its an excellent way to train in the Whites and get some redlining done at the same time.

So now that I have thrown down the gauntlet for my A goal, I am spending the next two months base building.  I am pumped to finally have a home gym after all these years (a creation hubby and I talked about earlier this summer when I was actively working out in the barn) and came to fruition during the unplanned basement remodel.  I went out and bought a spin bike, a Schwinn IC3, and after a few weeks have decided I love it!  We matted my floor, installed a pull up bar and added some mobility and band products to my repertoire.  I was also fortunate to acquire equipment (squat rack, more weights, box jump, etc) from a friend who was moving away and dismantling her home gym!  It was finished off with a Sonos speaker (check it out!) and a Roku streaming TV for content.


Home gym!

Cue the cheesy here… as a sucker for Les Mills group classes back in the early days of my athletic education, I now have the ability to stream their classes via the Roku.  I say cheesy…. but there is some good stuff to use!  Beyond Bodypump (guided lifting class) and Combat (kickboxing style HIIT class), I have access to two types of spin classes as well as mobility and yoga classes.  They even offer strength and core classes that utilize bands.  This is a great way for me to mix up my workouts and continue to apply to my education!

Finally, I continue to use the Keelo app too.  I paid for a one year subscription when I stopped going to my long time gym and still wanted the convenience of someone else programming my strength and conditioning workouts. Keelo is awesome!  You tell the app what you have for equipment and it compiles workouts for you.  You can even use it without equipment for just body weight workouts too.  Each workout includes a timer or rep count, plus demo videos to ensure you are doing the movement correctly.  It is no joke!  Here is a sample of the conditioning workouts:

Right now, I am doing whatever inspires me 5-6 days a week.  Lately it’s been a combination of cycling, running, snowshoeing and lifting.  I have chosen a stage race plan, which starts in mid February and will allow me to continue to lift and cycle.  I adore variety and can’t wait to crew, pace, hike and stage race in 2018!


Pacing and crewing VT100 with Goldman 


VT100 Camp antics!


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  1. LiseorLisa
    Nov 24, 2018 @ 17:12:57

    I’m very grateful you’re sharing your strong marching with me!


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