Scary shit. Part 2… and time to move on.


I initially wrote this post in late August but wasn’t ready to post it.  Now is the time.  It is the morning of the day we move back into our home.  I am ready to move on.

I have done a lot of scary shit in my lifetime.  I would venture to say I am an adrenaline junkie who doesn’t mind pushing the boundaries and feeling that “edge.”  House fire…. that takes the cake.

On July 31st, our smoke detectors went off at 11:00pm, about two hours after we climbed into bed.  As soon as we woke, we could smell and taste the smoke.  Something was burning.  Eric fled to the source, putting it out with our well placed fire extinguishers.  I was able to get both our house cats out safely once the smoke subsided.  We were safe.  For that I will forever be thankful.  I will never forget sitting outside the house in front of my garage, hugging my legs and listening for the sound of the sirens.  As someone who works in emergency services, I knew the sound of sirens would mean they were close.  I sat and watched the firefighters work…. knowing I wouldn’t find the cats yet.  I had no shoes, just the shorts and the tank top I was wearing.  I couldn’t even come up with a single thing to take from the house when I got out.  That night is still burned in my brain, as is the smell of the smoke and the horror of it all.

All things considered, we are so lucky.  No structural damage, but the smoke damage was devastating.  Our dehumidifier failed, caught on fire and the the burned plastic and rubber coated our home in the form of smoke and soot.  The cleanup is substantial and sad.  We had just finished renovated our home in its entirety and now there is a large dumpster in my front yard.


If I had to give any advice it would be… know where your fire extinguishers are and have more than one!  It took two to put this fire out.  Have an evacuation plan and a bag stored somewhere away from your home with essentials appropriate for the season, medical issues, pets, etc.  Finally, check those smoke detectors.  They truly saved our lives and our pets.

We now live in a 350 square foot camper in our backyard.  As far as campers go, this one is pretty classy.  I have a kitchen, laundry and a king sized bed.  Hubby has a large TV and a recliner.  One cat thinks he owns the joint while the other will only come out at night.  Two weeks in hotel rooms before this was soul sucking…. I’ll embrace the camper!


That being said… this is like an experiment in tiny house living.  The space we are occupying is smaller than one floor of our home.  We have never been in such close quarters in twelve years together.

10/19/18 Update:

We are moving back in!  I have never been as excited to unpack boxes as I am today.  I woke up at 4:00AM and got up, knowing I was too excited to sleep.  It is like being a kid at Christmas.  For nearly three months I have watched the house be deconstructed, cleaned and reconstructed.  It’s now ready.  The process was brutal, most things did not go right and I am still working through the struggle with insurance.  None of that matters today…. today our home is clean and ready for us and the cats!


I am looking forward to recapping the adventures of the summer, our trip to Tahoe for the greatest ultra yet and what moving on athletically will look like.  I am seriously in need of some mental peace and outdoor adventures in the coming months!  Thank you to everyone who reached out, continued to check on us, handed out hugs when that was all I needed and stood by while I cried, bitched, raged and cried some more.  This year has been an ass kicker.  Much like bad runs, the bad day make the good days that much sweeter…. I hope I can repay all the favors and kind words I was fortunate enough to soak up this year.  


Clean and painted basement!