The daily eats….


I often get asked what I eat, how my “diet” looks and my choices for run food.  I have been meaning to do a post on all of that for some time and now is that time!  I am going to start by outlining a daily rundown of my food… no bullshit… please keep in mind I generally eat to stay full and do not seek to lose weight.  Any weight I lose is done intentionally through cutting simple carbs like bread and beer combined with an increase in workout load.  I adhere to protein, high fat, lots of veggies and minimal bread philosophy.  It’s not a diet.  And simply my opinion.

Here goes nothing… feel free to judge 😉

Pre-Breakfast Coffee: one to two cups with added Onnit Emulsified MCT Vanilla oil, coconut nectar and almond milk.

Breakfast (on non-workout mornings): One egg and one Fage Yogurt (Total at 10% fat or the 2% – I grab the cups that contain fruit) and a travel mug of coffee comes to work with me.  Occasionally will sub the yogurt for half a bagel and cream cheese if it’s the weekend and I am running soon.


On gym mornings: One cup of coffee followed by a granny smith apple while driving to the gym.  I have an Ascent protein shake (one scoop chocolate powder with almond milk and Onnit oil) while driving from the gym to work.  After morning meeting I eat Good Food Made Simple frozen breakfast burrito OR a meal prepped scramble egg and bacon (depends on the week).

Morning snacks: One or two of the following: Fruit (dried fruit OR apple, banana or berries) or Powercrunch bar.

I usually have a large Dunks Iced Tea on my desk during the day.  Once that is done, I start on Nuun or plain water.

Lunch:  Usually salad with a protein dressed in olive oil and seasoning salt.  My other go to is whatever protein we ate the night before plus a cup of cherry tomatoes, queen spanish olives and sharp chedder cheese sticks (x2).  Some days, I treat myself to a bacon cheeseburger and fries ** once every two weeks on average **.  In a pinch, I will eat Good Food Made Simple frozen lunch bowls.  I try to NOT eat sandwiches at work.

Afternoon snacks (one or two) of the following: Single serving peanut butter cups, nuts, Powercrunch bar (if I didn’t eat in the AM), cut raw veggies, small Ensure shake.

Dinner: Protein (mostly fish and chicken, some beef) and veggies.  Usually grilled. We eat a lot of salads, so one or two days a week its large salads at dinner too.  Some weeks are better than others.  I love home made pizzas, burgers and subs (steak and cheese and sausage/pepper/onion).  I try to keep those as treats.  I am italian and love pasta, but keep that to about once per month.  I am starting Blue Apron again this week since training has slowed and I have more prep time.  We do not generally do takeout, but when we do it’s sushi, salads or pizza.  I usually have a beer before or with dinner.

After dinner: Wine (red… love it) and cookies or chocolate.


I am coming into this race at 126 lbs (down four from my average and at my happy race weight).  I never feel hungry and I tend to be a grazer.  If I know I will be on the road, I accommodate that.   Trust me… I have been known to hit up a drive through and I am a sucker for chicken nuggets… but I do my best to avoid it as a habit.  I know I could be thinner, but I have found what works for me, my insanely stressful career and my training schedule.  I adore the taste of Cabernet so I haven’t cut it out.  I make choices knowing what is good and bad.  Life is short, so I choose wisely and sometimes pick me to make me happy.

Run food will be covered in my next post!


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