Training is complete!

I say this with excitement, anticipation and sheer happiness!  I loved the training process… the great runs, the good runs and even appreciated the bad runs.  I adored that my plan contained weight work that continued to lean me out and get me stronger. Finally, I am so grateful for the memories I gathered along the way.  This winter and spring was truly a blast.  I am one of those people that adores the process and while I don’t know what’s after this, I am sure it will entail another “process.”

Here is a snap shot of the last weeks, with the top being this week and the bottom being the week of my Pineland 50 miler.


And here are the June stats:

  • Mileage: 138.5
  • Elevation: 29,089

Holy shit!!!!  For the third month in a row (ever) I broke 130 in mileage and had my biggest mileage month EVER!  I am truly blown away at how well I kept up with the training plan Coach Chris put together, as well as my recovery.  I had some beastly elevation weeks and kept on knocking them out.  For the sake of organization, here is a recap of my big training runs post Pineland.

Stairs Mountain (recovery): Six days out of Pineland, I climbed Stairs in the Whites. This is my favorite sub 4,000 footer in the Whites and generally it has an epic summit. This particular day it was in the 40s, socked in with fog and rainy.  Didn’t matter to me… it was time to see if my legs worked.  I was pleasantly surprised to find out they did.  No detrimental effects from the 50 miler and my hamstring and glute were great!

image1 (25)

Foggy, socked in Stairs Mountain Summit 06/03/17

Belknap Out and Back (9 hrs. on legs): For those of you in the New Hampshire region, some will be familiar with the Belknap range in Gilford/Alton.  This 11 mile stretch between Gunstock and Mt. Major is gnarly, known to eat up runners and hikers.  It’s extremely difficult to pull a double off without running out of water.  The terrain resembles anything you will find in the Whites, but it’s close to home.  My original plans for this weekend fell through, so I subbed this in.  I have done the out and back once (last May) and know the trails extremely well.  I set out at 6:00am, solo, and pulled this off on my own accord.  My legs did’t have a lot of run, so I fastpacked as hard as I could.  21.5 miles, 7500 ft. of gain later I was done.  This was my first “hot” run and I suffered a bit.  I used the streams to soak my buff which helped.  I ran out of water 5 miles from the end and filtered water to get through to the end.  It was a great test of my fuel and solo perseverance.  Coach had me envision this run as the last 30 of VT and get into that mindset.  Overall, I enjoyed this training run… and have bragging rights over Tony 😉


Pemi Loop (15 hrs. on legs): WOOOOHOOOO!!!  This one is getting it’s own post.  Standby on that one.  29.5 miles, 9200 ft. of gain and a bucket list item.  I was on my feet for fifteen hours and gained confidence I needed!

image5 (11)

Amazing undercast on Bondcliff!  Pemi recap on it’s way!

Mt. Israel Mountain Repeats (6 hrs. on legs): This was my last hard effort at 14.5 miles and 6,000 ft. of gain.  I ran up and over Mt. Israel four times.  It was the best feeling to still have climbing weeks at the end of this cycle and after some monster climbing weeks!


So, that’s a wrap.  On to the taper and battling nerves and excitement.  I do trust the process, and the training, so all I have to do for the next 13 days is stay healthy and show up ready to take on the beast known as the Vermont 100!  I am so grateful for the support I have received from friends, family and my coach.  Whenever the going got tough, I found it in me to gut it out because of my belief my in support network and myself.

I am also thankful for the opportunity afforded to me by Altra Running.  Being an ambassador for Altra has allowed me the ability to train in shoes that work for me and share my love for the technology!  The process has been a hell of a ride!!!


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