67 Miles Ago…

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Whenever I start a blog post, the first thing I do is look for an opening photo.  Is it bad that the only appropriate one I have taken in two weeks is that one?  The others have pictures of butts, food, creepy running partners and trees… don’t worry…. I’m posting those too!

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New gear this week!  Ultimate Direction Groove pack and Born Primitive Kitty Shorts!  Want some kitty shorts?  www.bornprimitive.com and use my code LIFTNRUN15 for 15% off!

Pineland is next weekend. WTF.  How did that happen?

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67 Miles ago I was barely running.  I hadn’t been to PT yet.  I was secretly planning backup plans should my back, glute and hamstring continue to revolt.  The great news is I am running again.  My issues continue to plague me, but on a much more manageable scale.  I found a PT who wants to help me not only deal with my acute issues, but teach me how to mechanically move and workout better to become a stronger runner over time.  I am excited to correct 20 years of competitive riding and the last five years of running and lifting.  One hundred mile training uncovered some serious mechanical issues (my quads do all the work, my hamstrings and hip flexors have been doing double duty, my glutes don’t fire well, my back alignment sucks… but we can fix this!) and I am excited to work slowly towards becoming a stronger, more comfortable runner.

image2 (19)

I have had three dry needling sessions and I believe it is truly helping the hamstring and glute heal.  I was partially right about the piriformis syndrome in that I also have a glute medius that doesn’t want to work and is all knotted up.  This all stems from a twisted spine that I probably spent a few months running on.  It won’t heal up overnight, so I am playing the role of patient patient.

image3 (20)

Checking out my new skirt…. look at the awesome places we run to!

I have had two 30+ mile weeks since I last blogged and one reminder of my injuries.   Yesterday on my 13.5 miler, I was at mile 11 when tripped and when I caught myself.  My hamstring instantly started spasming again.  I walked it out, stretched and got two more miles in.  It took the wind out of my sails for a few minutes, but I got it right and kept moving.  It was a good confidence booster.

image4 (13)

After slipping at mile 11, I stretched it out and continued on for 2.5 more miles.  Oh… and that skirt rocks…

One more week til Pineland and my fifty mile qualifier for Vermont.  I need three more weeks to heal, but that isn’t going to fit.  I taper down this week and will continue the recovery work and positive thinking.  I am mentally tough and know my body better than anyone else.  I’ve never once thought I couldn’t go the distance and don’t feel that way now.  Coach Chris has had my back for months and has provided me with the knowledge for a solid base.  I got this!

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Two of my FAVORITE run fuels… anything by Fuel for Fire and this stupidly delicious gels by Endurance Tap.  You will make insane noises when you open those little silver packets.  10% off with my code LIFTNRUN10 at http://www.endurancetap.com


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