2017 Altra Ambassador!


I went out on a limb in November and applied to the Altra Ambassador Team.  I learned yesterday morning that I was selected out of more than 2000 applicants!  I am floored, honored and still a little shocked!  I am not a professional athlete, but I am an amateur ultrarunner with heart and soul.  I believe in this product (anyone who knows me has heard about my experience) and I am thrilled to represent them in 2017!

My Altra journey started in early spring of 2016.  I can honestly say I have tried many types of shoes, platforms and brands in search of MY shoe.  I tried to switch to a low drop platform a few years ago (INOV-8) and just couldn’t do it.  I had the typical experience of calves that just couldn’t handle the transition.  I spent two years in Pearl Izumi running shoes.  Their E-Motion shoes claim to be somewhere between 3-7 mm of drop depending on how you land.  I truly believe a combination of cross training and careful transition got me into the Lone Peaks I now love (and own many pairs of… to include the new ones stashed under my desk at work 😉 ).  And let me remind you, I have battled significant right ankle issues for nearly three years.  These shoes feel better than anything I have ever tried.  I even converted my husband!  He wears Lone Peaks to do finish carpentry work and his Neoshells to salt walkways.

The best part of my experience with Altra?  All the places they took me in 2016!  I can’t wait to see where we go in 2017!!!





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