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Merry Christmas world!  I hope you are spending the day doing something that makes you smile!

From here on out, I am going to share “what I am reading” and “what I am eating” weekly as a way to chronicle the things that WORK.  Training for a 100 miler is a part time job, and as you know, I have a lot of those!  This blog is a place to record the stuff that works, and doesn’t work, over time.

What I am reading:

Training continues as we barrel towards the new year.  I am excited about 2017 has in store personally, professionally and with my running world.  I have some nagging issues which have come back to light with the training, but I am determined to find a way to best care for them.  I have discovered the Egoscue Method (click here for their website).  This method is focused on realigning the body to minimize and eliminate chronic pain.  As someone who strongly believes in self care, I have nothing to lose.  I am currently reading Pain Free: A Revolutionary Method for Stopping Chronic Pain by Peter Egoscue.  I just look at this as another tool in my toolbox.

What I am eating:

Meal prep is still making me happy.  Chicken is my go to protein and I made Sweet Chili Pineapple Chicken in the crockpot this past week that kept me fed at lunch time.  This did not have a thick sauce and left me feeling full.


I had my first hard run in a few months yesterday.  This run invoked emotions ranging from weakness, determination, soreness, anger, defeat and finally happiness.  It’s amazing how you can FEEL all of this over the course of three hours and twenty minutes.  I went out in crappy weather again with Jessica.  She is one of my favorite running partners and she scares the crap out of me.  She is so strong, both mentally and physically, and always has me in awe.  She is finally starting to see the sides of my personality I keep hidden for the special people… and hasn’t lost my number yet!  This run started innocently enough on the road, in the rain.  Just under two miles in, we ducked into the woods for the first round of breaking trail.  Out of 12.3 miles, we broke trail for five miles total.  Breaking trail is demoralizing and exhausting.  She assured me I was getting just as much, if not more benefit from this as I would running hard.  She also assured me I was strong physically and this would build my mental stamina and endurance.  I know she is right.  It doesn’t mean I didn’t want to lie down and die.


Jessica and I on Parker Mt. (I love the Prisma App!)

Up and over Parker Mountain and some road running was included in this effort.  My ankle was stiff and sore for much of the trail work and my knee is achy like it always is after a hard effort.  I assured Chris I will take care of my nagging issues and I am committed to do so.


This run made me realize I have a long way to go mentally.  I forgot what it was like to suffer and FEEL emotions while moving along.  This was a nice reminder to what is to come and only served to make me more determined to complete this race.  I really do believe I can get MORE healthy while training and intend on doing so in 2017.  I don’t make New Year’s resolutions… In make life resolutions.  I resolve to get my feet on the trails as much as possible and feel breeze against my skin, the sun on face and share this with those who appreciate it all as much as I do.


#runningfromjail  I love my lunch runs!

The rest of my training went well and my stats to wrap up this week were as follows:

Three runs – 4:46 hours, 20.6 miles, 1955 ft. elevation gain

Two gym workouts 

A zero day on Christmas (thanks Coach!) that I will use to launch my new care regimen.

 See you all next week!



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