Winter has arrived!



This week has brought old man winter in with a vengeance!  I personally think he’s a little early!  This was technically week 1 of my four week mesocycle with Chris guiding the ship. Last week (the first week of 100 training) technically fell on a “rest” week so the real work started this past Monday.  Honestly, the timing was perfect given the traveling I did.

I did my usual two days with Ben in the gym.  He consistently challenges me, works with me on modifications that specifically benefit me as an endurance athlete and keeps it FUN.  I am just not the person that can sculpt her own workouts.  I’m finally at a point where I can keep it going and choose workouts that are pertinent when I travel, but I need my Ben :).


I took advantage of an opportunity presented to me and I now get to run on my lunch break!  For those of you who know what I do for work, this is UNHEARD of in most agencies.  My progressive bosses are allowing me to choose to use my traditional lunch break TO GO RUNNING!!!!  I was able to take advantage of that Wednesday and it was wonderful!  4.92 miles on my lunch break and honestly I went back to my desk much sharper than usual.  My current path in my career field has me sitting a lot so this is great for me.  Can’t wait til spring!


Desk job occasionally means I stop at the vending machine…

As for Friday…. no way in hell was I running outside for my “hill” workout.  It was -1 air temp when I woke and that was without the howling wind.  I made due on the treadmill and it wasn’t as bad as I was expecting.

Saturday’s run in a synopsis – shitshow.  That doesn’t mean it wasn’t fun, because it was.  Jessica guided me on a 13.3 mile run in the snowstorm.  It was 13 degrees when I bundled up and headed out to meet her, but I stayed warm the whole time.  I finally invested in some expensive gear I have been pining for.  It was time.  700 feet of gain, breaking trail for most of that mileage and I my hamstrings were crying.  Several hours later I am feeling good.  All positive stuff!!!


Tomorrow calls for some easy running (4 miles) and it’s supposed to be raining and 51.  I hope I get to wear shorts!!!!


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