And so it begins…


100 miles.

I keep thinking to myself…. 100 freaking miles.

Here is what I told my husband:

I am as strong as I have been, my career field is as kind to me as its ever going to get and we have no way of knowing what the coming years will bring.  I have to seize this opportunity and see what I can do.  I don’t give him enough credit.  He seriously doesn’t fully get why I run far or as intensely as I do, but he’s getting closer to realizing how much it helps me mentally.  I’m type A, involved in a LOT of extra tasks at work because I love them and have found the right outlet for ME.  So the journey to 100 begins.

This week is ground zero.  Week 1.  I am trusting Chris to map my way for me, let me do the hard work and help me sort out the issues that crop up along the way.  I know my physical limitations and have been committed for a long time to self care.  In the coming weeks, I will be adding mobility to my regimen and Jessica and I have upped the length of my sessions.  I will continue acupuncture (especially since new insurance covers it!)  Finally, I will take care of me.  And hubby.  Cause he’s important too!  I also vow to make the following promises:

  1. Trust the process – do the work and trust I have the endurance and fortitude to complete my goals with a smile
  2. Trust my trainer  🙂
  3. Stick with what works
  4. Stay committed to what I have been doing (self-care, meal prepping, cross training)
  5. ENJOY the training.  Yes, some runs just straight up SUCK but it makes the good runs that much sweeter.
  6. Keep track of my progress here!

Finally… here is how week one went in a nutshell…

I got all of the work done and was happy and eager to do it (despite a tiny hiccup that forced me to swap my weekend runs).  I am pleasantly sore overall but feeling strong.  I am a little concerned about my right ankle which has plagued me for a few years.  That peroneal tendon will never be as strong as the left side and requires a lot more mobility work to stay strong.  I was reminded that I also need to pay attention to my left quad.  I have committed to Kelly Starrett’s regimen on a nightly basis and expect good results as I have had success in the past.

(17.8 miles over four runs, two gym sessions)

And finally, my week in pictures:


My running partner’s ride…


Meal Prep!



Almost took my first fall of the winter season!


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