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I’m just going to throw it out there…..


Ever since I was a child, I have found a way to fill most hours of my day.  I really don’t know how to stand still.  And it’s getting worse the older I get.  I literally feel as if I am wasting valuable time and life if I stand still.

I am a 110% person.  All the time.  I don’t know how to give 80%.  I give 110% percent at my full time job, I have completely thrown myself into my part time job and workouts get 110% too.  I’m not getting any younger and I REFUSE to watch life pass me by if I can kick it’s ass.  A friend of mine once said to me “there ain’t no quit in you, girl.”  How true.

The end result of that is I occasionally get exhausted.  I am still learning on figuring out how to avoid this calamity.  Doesn’t happen often, but when it does I usually get a lovely head cold to remind me my immune system is suffering.

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Hello, head cold.  Thanks for stopping by.

Ultimately, I am super happy right now.  I feel strong and get stronger weekly.  I am loving that I can run long again (did a 14 miler last weekend and followed it up with a snowshoe 5K).  I am loving that the gym workouts are sculpting my muscles and making it possible for me to run long.  At work, I am sitting in the EXACT position I wanted my entire career and my brain is working hard.  My life feels fulfilled in the form of new friends, old friends and lots of mental stimulation.  Hubby has been incredibly supportive of my run dreams and has been taking some pressure off me at home with all the hours I am putting in at work.  It was a crazy January.  I managed 60 running miles despite the traveling and commitments.  Eager to enjoy February!

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I literally just had an epiphany.

My quandary of what to do since I don’t have a baby is working itself out.

I am LIVING.  

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