From the mountaintops down to the bay…

That sums up my weekend….

For the first time in months, I saw the view I love the most.  A loop hike of the Welch-Dickey loop in Thornton with friends highlighted my Saturday. A nine mile tour of the Sweet Trail wrapped up my weekend on Sunday.

Total Miles last week: 18 (3 runs)

Total Elevation last week: 2319

Total gym workouts: 2

My knee has been bothering me for over six months now.  Left knee, usually on the outside that leads to stabbing pain under my knee cap on SOME runs.  I had been pain free for about 6 weeks, but this weekend definitely aggravated my knee.  IT band syndrome?  Patella tendinitis?  Angry quad?  I took a significant break from running after Kismet and have been doing everything recommended by the chiro and massage therapist.  I am getting strong through my gym workouts and I am down NINE pounds.  I have abs I haven’t seen since I was twenty.  I am no longer consuming nightly beer (I am still imbibing in 1-2 glass of wine… not every night).  The knee pain is not debilitating, more irritating.  It’s bothersome because I do not want it to turn into more.  Other than that, I feel great and rebound from workouts quickly.  My energy levels are fantastic.  I am seriously considering acupuncture as it’s the only therapy I have not tried.  I wonder how much of this is residual effects of my epic ankle sprain of 2014.  No doubt I compensated for a long time in an effort to keep hiking and running.  Is this pay back?  Maybe.

Tony and I are tossing around 2016 plans.  I am fairly committed to Pineland 50K and the Emerald 3 day… given I stay strong and healthy this winter.  Given I find a way to make the knee happy and functional.  He’s attempting to pick another 100.

I was asked today by a coworker WHY I want to do an ultra…

I struggled to answer because it’s hard to put into words the desire to blow the cobwebs out of my brain and struggle… really struggle… as a way to grow.  I basically told him that.  He didn’t get it.  But I don’t really expect him to.  The older I get, my tolerance is declining.  Professionally I have more responsibility than ever… personally I want to walk away from it all.  Since I can’t (yet) I think training hard and running an ultra (finally) may be away for me to black out life for periods of time to cope in a healthy way.  Not drinking heavily and medicating with food have left a void I am seeking to fill.  Fingers crossed my body will cooperate and let me suffer in a healthy way.

On tap this week:

2 gym workouts

Wednesday run/chiro

12/7 milers this weekend



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