Making Changes


My life has been nothing short of a whirlwind in 2015.  It’s moved faster than I ever thought possible.  Many professional changes, some personal changes and a whole lot of eye opening experiences that have created a significant shift on my outlook on life.  I have also gained a great deal of physical rest which has allowed me to return to running in great shape physically and mentally.

Most of my professional changes I cannot talk about, but they have been for the better.  I am finally starting to craft means of retirement… hell I may even be able to leave my career early if I get lucky!

I have finally started to back off from some friendships that don’t “feel” good.  Ones that make me question WHY I am involved.  I love the people I have stepped back from, but I just don’t think they are healthy for me right now.  Doing that also opened my eyes to social media and it’s impact on my daily life.  I ditched my 10 year old Facebook account yesterday.  Well, I tried.  Once I deactivated it, I realized how many other accounts it was tied to.  Such as Strava.  And Pandora.  I am sure I will find others, but I am determined to stay deactivated.

All day long, I found myself arbitrarily picking up my phone.  And watching other people bury their faces in their phones.  I made a joke to Scott that I wanted to go back to 2003 and find a pager.  I figure at this point, if people want to see me and talk to me, they will know how to find me.  The rest just fill up my head with useless information.  I do care… trust me… this wasn’t a decision I took lightly… I even told a friend I a going to miss her baby growing up pictures… but this will motivate me to be a better friend.  I love phone calls, so this should work well for me.

SO here is to more reading, more writing and definitely more photography time!  It’s going to be a great 2016 if I have my way.  I am becoming a force to be reckoned with!!!


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