Staying on track….


I talk such a big game…. started eating better, back to gym, going to run more…. all things I want to do then life just gets in my damn way.  It doesn’t help that I’m travelling again for the second time in three weeks.  I’m so ready to be home and work on a routine.  For instance, I need to commit to the gym or a run in the mornings.  Eric has been awesome about dealing with our late evening dinners to accommodate the gym or appointments after work but it’s time I give back.  If I get up at 4:30 and get to the 6am class or run even the miles that frees my evenings up.

I have spring fever in the worst way but I actually think it’s worn me out.  I’ve been waiting for so long for it to be warm that I’ve given up hope.  And the cold is just driving me nutty.  For instance, I’m sitting in my hotel room listening to the wind howl like a hurricane.  No joke.  And it’s 45 degrees out.  I didn’t even bother bringing my sneakers on this trip. 

Something else I want to do is get back to time based workouts…. time on legs.  I want to be ready to hike big come June and I need to just put it out of my head that I have to run everywhere.  This is a strengthening year.  I’m going to invest in a good pair of boots and get two overnight hut trips in (I have credit with AMC).  I want to but a tent and all spend some time this summer doing sunrise hikes.  I want to be able to get back to 8-10 hours on legs over the summer.  Besides, I have some serious pacing duties come September 🙂 

So to keep it simple… My first three goals to start as soon as I’m back from training:
1) Quit beer during the week.  Red wine with dinner Only!
2) AM workouts 3x a week
3) Clean eating (Abs Diet and Blue Apron)



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