A New Spring


There is nothing I love more than those first runs in the spring when you can take your long sleeve layers and insulated pants and leave them at HOME!  Fifty degrees feels like a heat wave and everything seems easier.  I took three months off from running a step, did some serious rehab in the gym and put myself in a new pair of shoes.  I chose Pearl Izumi M2 Trail shoes for the start of this season.  They sport a small amount of midfoot stability, some more cushion than my Peaks and a rock plate.  They are wider from end to end leaving more room for my toes and a wider last for landings.  I enjoy them on the road (though I am probably going to buy their sister M3 for the road) but they are really rockstars on the trail as I felt them there yesterday!

I sprained my ankle three times in 2014, the last being a peroneal tendon tear at the 5th metatarsal.  That was the official diagnosis from the foot doctor.  I blew off PT in lieu of rehabbing myself in the gym.  I knew iIneeded to strengthen my ankles, calves and quads in a bad way and went to work doing such.  In the meantime, I took a nasty fall on Chocorua about 9 weeks ago and developed back pain.  At the time I didn’t put two and two together.  A recent visit to a woman who is not only an ultrarunner and massage specialist, but a pro at dealing with back pain revealed the muscles coming to my sacrum just were no longer moving.  One session with her and my low back pain has subsided.  She told me a nasty fall is enough to cause what I was experiencing.  And I fall a lot.

This past week was my biggest mileage week since December 1.  I did 12.5 miles and enjoyed every step.  Two of those were road runs while away at training.  They were my first 65 degree runs…. ahhhh spring!


I went back to the gym for a scaled workout on Saturday.  It felt really good to be back and doing some burpees!


I followed this up with a 5.5 mile run in Northwood.  The trails are back!!!!  Muddy but back.  I loved every second in my new shoes and can’t wait to spend some serious time in them!

Today I am exhausted.  Adding running back to my regimen made me realize its time for a little diet overhaul.  I am starting back up with the Ab’s Diet tonight (on the menu is Turkey burgers sans the roll, slathered with Avocado and accompanied by steamed green beans!!!) and plan on cutting back on the booze.  I am traveling again for work next week but once again will bring my shoes.  I have a date with a school mate for a run already!

As for the ankle….. it feels stronger and has more mobility than it has had in 18 months.  I am extremely cautious with it but I have no reason to believe continued work in the gym, the right shoe (fingers crossed) and appropriate after care won’t promote continued healing and strengthening.

For now…. I am not making a decision on my distance at Pineland until we get closer.  No pressure this year…. I simply want to run and climb!!!


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