Last night, I attended a screening of 100: Head/Heart/Feet at the Music Hall.  I have been following the development of this film for over 18 months as I know one of the producers.  This is the story of Zac Wieluns, a normal guy turned ultrarunner.  Zac went to Colby Sawyer College with my husband’s best friend, as did the Producer Mike Mooney.  So even though this film would have hit close to home for me regardless, it was way cooler to know the people involved!

We sat through the 102 minute film and I had goosebumps throughout the documentary.  I almost cried twice.  Not only was I impressed with how it was made, I felt part of the experience by the end.  I am hoping to be healthy enough to pace Tony to the finish of his first 100 in 2015 and this film made me want that so much more.  I can’t wait to be responsible for getting him to the end…. getting him through the best and worst race of his life.  Running makes me feel so selfless…. I don’t know how else to describe it.  Anyway, if you get a chance, check out the trailer for 100: Head/Heart/Feet!

So given I am completely inspired now, I am also sitting here trying to decide the direction I need to take for the next few weeks.  I think I am leaning towards no running whatsoever for a week.  My trainer has sent me my strength training routine to work on.  I may hike as well, but need to focus on strengthening for right now.  I am so disappointing to be missing the Presidential Run but I will just have to do it some other time.   The bigger goal is Kismet.  And pacing my “brother from another mother” to the finish of his 100.  I know I could push through the Prezi, but is it worth completely blowing out a weak ankle?  Nope.

I have a brace from CEP coming today.  Here’s hoping it provides enough stability to allow this thing to heal up!  In the meantime, strength work and stretching!



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