On Patience.

Do not give up

Picture this….

I am at the start line of a local trail race.  I am ready to run… easy anyway.  It’s brutally hot.  My legs feel good.  My shabby ankle is feeling fine.  I am confident I am ready to return to trail racing.  I had a very strong four miler on pavement and have done non-technical trails for two weeks.  The race starts and I go out easy.  Chatting, landing light.  I come around the corner in this field where the footing gets tough.  It’s full of holes.  I have run this field 3 millions times and could find those holes with my eyes closed.  I am dodging them without issue when I land (on flat ground) and my ankle completely buckles again.


I could not believe it.  The grinding and crunching of ligaments and tendons and nauseating.  I instantly wanted to punch something. Lise did too.  I encouraged her to go ahead and I stood, one legged, waiting for the pack to pass.  Once it did, I tentatively stepped down.  On yeah.  That sucks.  This injury, one I am now getting used to, makes my whole foot sore over the top and around to the arch.  I started to walk slowly and as I did, it felt better with each step.  Phew…. just like last time.  I walked the 1/4 mile back out… having to go through the finish line.  Tony was speechless.  Momentarily.  Ryan told me I needed to get back out there…. his wife (aka my coach) smiled and said NO!  I grabbed some ice and sat down at the finish line.  Defeated.  Deflated.  But not discouraged.  Kristina told me to rehab it just like I did a few weeks ago and get back on the technical stuff.

This is really just irritating right now.  My brain is so on track and my ankle just isn’t there yet.  Not the end of the road though.  I can hike (hopefully… let you know Saturday) and I can do strength work.  I ordered a CEP brace and hope it will help give me just a bit of stability until these ligaments and tendons strengthen back up!

Keep on keeping on….


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