Balancing act: Work and Training


My job gets in the way a lot.  Almost a year after moving from one agency to another, I have zero regrets.  In fact, I often call it the best decision of my professional career.  However, weeks like this past one try my patience and ability to train… much less keep up with my house and husband!  A total of 28 hours of extra work made for a sore week.  My low back is destroyed from all the driving.  I only got about 14 miles in this week… one of those runs I only got a half mile from home before the phone rang and duty called.  Literally.  And I missed two scheduled workouts with my new trainer.

I feel like I lose condition every time I have weeks like this.  That is probably insane, but it certainly feels that way when I am sleep deprived and living in a state of lead legs!  I have found that being stressed about not running is counterproductive.  I think I did a bit better than usual this time around.  Call week ends in three hours!

On tap is a massage to fix my lower back, two scheduled work outs, a trail race and [hopefully] multiple mountains.  I may even try my first solo 4K next Monday!!!


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