Pottymouth wants to hike the AT!


Franconia Ridge Trail – August 2013

The last five weeks haven’t exactly been a treat for me.  I haven’t been able to run a single step, which has really taken me through a variety of emotions.  Running has become my drug… my way to escape the stress of my work and life in general.  It has been my freedom.  Not being able to do it had invoked some deep thought.  Here are a few decisions I have made in the past month or so….

I need to focus my “running.” 

What this means is find a direction.  I was gung-ho on finishing an ultra and the three day in August.  Now, I am realizing I need to focus and gain strength so I can run for years and have adventure after adventure.  I have been lifting and doing non-impact cardio in the last month to maintain some level of fitness.  I have also come to realize my structure driven mind needs some help with getting stronger and finding direction.  That leads me to my next point…

Time for a coach…. 

I have decided to enlist the help of local ultra-runner and happiness loving coach Kristina Folcik-Welts.  Kristina is the owner of the White Mountain Running Company and specializes in making runners stronger through trail running and mountain running.  She loves the smiles her new runners have when they realize the have pushed beyond their limits.  She also appreciates poor broken runners like me who need focus and a hard reset.  My new running program with Kristina starts June 1 (pending a clearance from my doctor next week).  I have participated in a few of Kristina and Ryan’s boot camps at Northwood Meadows and feel she will be a good fit for not only my personality but my goals.  We are going to keep running fun for me and get me trained up for the Kismet Cliff Run (the Beast this time!  I ran the classic last year).  Other than Kismet, the rest if gravy.  My goal is to train in the mountains…

The White Mountain 4000 footers… 

Some of you may remember I started running in order to HIKE the 4000 footers.  Somewhere along the way I got caught up in the excitement of road and race running… then trail running… and forgot to bag the 4000 footers.  I am ready to get working on that goal.  I have done Moriah, Eisenhower, Lafayette, Lincoln, North and South Hancock, Whiteface and Passaconoway.  Chances are I am going to repeat these and bag the rest as I can.  My goal is to hike, fastpack and run depending on who my companions happen to be.  I have never felt so at peace as I am when I standing on a summit.  It is similar to high I get from running.  My creative energy is alive and all I can think about is climbing, running and taking pictures of the journey.  I hope to get brave enough to do them solo too… my sense of direction is horrible.  My running friends call me “Magellan.”  I literally go off trail for no reason, land in muck holes and for whatever reason THEY FOLLOW ME!  Their fault…

A run at the entire AT?  

I’m going to declare it now… Pottymouth wants to hike the entire AT.  Georgia to Maine.  I may not be able to pull it off until retirement (9 years from now)… I figure that gives me plenty of time to OCD plan.  And train.  And dream.  I will be able to get sections of it in before then.  That should give me the practice I will need to pull off the 2200 mile trek.


Life is meant to be lived.  I have always believed you should live each day as if its your last… sometimes its hard to maintain this theory when work and life stress gets in the way.  Being on my horse in the last few weeks has woken up in the inner beast that lives inside me.  This is the soul that belongs in the woods… living and breathing freedom.  Here is to the start of my journey!