When it all comes to an end…

I am going to start this blog post by expressing how deeply I regret not taking the time to blog over the last two months.  I let my laziness to document take over and have failed to keep track of my progress and my newest fumble along my way to my first ultra.  I will start my giving you a few pics from my winter…


us (2)









Excuse the photos but they tell the story of what was my winter.  I had a few excellent months, averaging over 80 miles each with some great elevation.  I ran in deathly cold wind chills and snow storms.  I stayed on track for the most part despite some waning motivation due to temps.  Mother nature simply sucked this year, yet we made the best of it.  I was fully expecting to finish Pineland strong and earn my first ultra at the 50K distance.

That all ended for me two weeks ago.  A nagging pain on the outside of my ankle became debilitating each time I attempted to run.  I stopped running, made a doctors appointment and my MRI revealed inflammation in my tibia bone… a stress reaction… the precursor to a stress fracture.  The lucky thing?  It didn’t break.  Despite running a half marathon on it, doing speed work and participating in some wild boot camps where dragging a tire three miles in the woods is just the tip of the ice berg… it didn’t break.  I was excited about the strength I was gaining in my legs, have been eating well and getting a ton of sleep.  Work has been reasonably kind to me and all was on track.  My last run was on the Sweet Trail, one of my favorites.  I had a great solo run but I twisted the bad ankle and had so much pain I didn’t think I would finish.  I got out the last two miles and haven’t been able to run since.

To say I am bummed is the least of my emotions.  There is currently no pain with this injury, just a nagging soreness on occasion.  I have been icing it and taking it easy.  I will admit I did ride last weekend… Finally!  The sun was out and my super dependable, adorable gelding was ready to roll.  He had a ton of controlled energy and we had a blast.  I need to do that more often.

SO here is what I am sad about:

1) No running – duh

2) No ultra… probably none of the shorter races either

3) Haven’t been able to run in my new La Sportiva Bushidos yet

4) Hard to picture being ready for the Emerald Necklace 3 Day Stage Race Tony and I signed up for in late August

5) I can’t run… did I say that?!

I have been cleared to do non-impact activity such as biking, swimming (have to try aqua jogging), lifting and elliptical/arc as long as I have no pain.  I am fearful they won’t be enough… that I won’t get the high… that sitting on my ass and drinking beer will be more appealing.  However… I MUST attempt to get stronger while injured if that makes any sense.  Too much fun to look forward to… too many mountains to climb… MUST GET STRONGER.

Trust me, there will be tears… and beers… but I am committed to keeping on track!