Struggling to find my stride…


And the cookies and cupcakes aren’t helping!!!  

Life has slowed down considerably in the last week due to a planned weekend away and some NASTY winter weather.  It has snowed more in the last 7 days than it has been sunny.  I think we have had somewhere around 15 inches in less than a week.  And cold.  And wind.  Sucks big time and I am as frustrated with it as the next New England runner/horse owner/homeowner/cop/cookie eater.  Amanda and I traveled to her rustic camp for the weekend in the north country with high hopes of reading, eating, snacking, shopping and snowshoeing (a wine ‘shoe).  The snowshoeing did not happen because Sunday dawned in the single digits with winds well below zero.  This was the most action my shoes got:


We needed them to break “trail” to the camp and outhouse.  Then they sat for the rest of the weekend.  I did some of this though….


Lots of gazing at the mountains, dreaming of running them and consuming delicious new beer I usually only get to try twice a year when we venture to Glen Beverage.  I was driving Amanda nuts with my “I want to run that.  I want to run that.  Can I run that?”

I need spring.  

And my brain needs a mountain.  Snow or no snow.  I am having a lot of trouble staying on track for a variety of reasons, mostly mental in nature.  My running partner have not had the opportunity to go out and tear it up.  Unfortunately that is not helping my cause.  I had a snowshoe run planned for this afternoon and had a long work afternoon instead.  I did manage to get up South Mountain on Monday with Katie.  We had fun and ran well.  Plus is it was so CLEAR!


I am chewing over the idea of running a very difficult snow shoe race on Saturday.  I also would love to get up to the Castle in the Clouds trails and get the Mt. Roberts loop done.  This is my last low mileage week before we amp way back up again.  I am so stuck right now… it’s not that I don’t want to run, but I am having so much trouble getting out the door.  The snow and shoveling aren’t helping.  I feel so fortunate that I am so much stronger and healthier (knock on wood) than last winter and know this is all just mental.  I need a reset and a kick in the ass in a BAD way.  Snowshoe race?  Maybe…. Definitely starting in the back on that one!

I did manage a 40 minute Jillian Michaels circuit tonight at home.  I was sweating like a pig and then shoveled my deck in my shorts and boots.  It was hot 😉  I keep telling myself something is better than nothing.  I am just not very driven right now.   Here is to a break in the weather and some new adventures… adventures I need to create for myself!


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  1. Mind Margins
    Feb 20, 2014 @ 06:35:32

    Our winter has been nothing like yours, but it has been ridiculously cold for us as well. This week, however, it’s been in the 70’s and low 80’s, and I’ve enjoyed the break from winter. It also certainly rejuvenated my desire to run!


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