Week 5 – Recap (and where is my motivation?)

Miles run: 25 miles

Total Elevation Climbed:  2628 ft 

The toughest week so far.  But it didn’t break me.  However, it seems to have chased off my motivation.  I got in a few midweek runs, attended a Sharpfit session, played Dodgeball (no injuries!) and had two incredible runs over the weekend.  I worked hard, I played hard and in the end… I lost my motivation.

Is it the cold?  The 1,000th storm of the winter?  My long ass work schedule?  That time of the month?  Training let down?  

Sharpfit was great last week.  I felt strong and happy to be there!  This week…. skipped it due to a long day at work and no food in my house.  Grocery shopping HAD to happen or I was getting divorced.  Here is last week:


I am finding a real value in strength training and NEED to NOT abandoned ship on it!

Here is the sacrificial dodge ball women!


We laughed and had so much fun!  I only got beamed in the head once 😉

Long(ish) Runs:  

My Saturday run was with a new runner I have gotten to know at races.  Jen is super fast and pulled me along 12.3 miles of nasty hilly terrain on pavement.  This run was nearly 1,000 ft in climb and the longest I have had since last November (Seacoast Half).  I was suffering a bit about 11 miles in but pushed through.  It was WAY faster than I normally run (10:07 average) so no wonder I wanted to die!  There is something to be said for running with someone faster.  Jen also presented an interesting opportunity I *may* take part in.  More on that if it happens!

Sunday was more about relaxing with friends.  I headed up Mt. Major with Katie, Meg and Tony.  I haven’t been out with Meg in months and it was awesome to be out with her in the woods.  The weather was sunny, warmest in awhile and peaceful.  We spent the entire hike/run laughing!  Such a great day!



So after a full week, one full of laughter and fun, I am so unmotivated.  I am tired.  Have no desire to run and have only been out once.  I am a little burned out in general and a trip to camp up north could not come soon enough!!!  Amanda and I are heading up to the mountains for some R & R, valentines massages, lots of food and some shopping for new gear.  We also have a snowshoe with wine planned.  I am hoping to come back recharged and ready to run.  I still have my eye on the prize but I am seriously in hibernation mode this week.  Smut novels, snacks, cupcakes and sleep here I come!


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Mind Margins
    Feb 14, 2014 @ 16:18:11

    That happens to me, too. I’ll have a great week of running and the following week I lose all motivation to do anything but be a slug. It happened two weeks ago. I know I’ll come out of it, and a week off won’t do much damage, but it’s the brain that sends in the guilt trip that makes it the worst!


  2. vttrailgirl
    Feb 15, 2014 @ 14:58:13

    Hey, are those Pearl Izumi shoes in your Sharpfit photo? If so, which ones?


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