Week Four – Recap


Miles Run: 22.9

Total Elevation Climbed: 1587 ft.

This week was a total photo fail, so I have posted a throwback from this past fall.  This was taken one evening after work on the South Mountain of Pawtuckaway.  We were chasing the sunlight on those fall runs.  Cannot wait for those days to return.  Unfortunately, I got my miles in but was not inspired to take pictures this week.  I was “on call” which means for my job I am owned for 7 days by my department.  All after hours calls are my responsibility to handle and it was another 50+ hour week for me. Weeks like these kick my ass.

Short runs…. 

I got in a solo 4 miler and a solo 3 miler earlier in the week.  The three miler I used as a speed workout on the snow covered trails.  It was exhilarating to push myself and I realized that I am overrunning my lungs at this point.  Strong legs but lungs need to get stronger too.  I also realized this week that a year ago I was nursing my right hamstring and dealing with bronchitis.  What a difference a year makes.

Long Runs…. 

This was a 15 mile weekend.  I took my chances and went for a 5 miler with Katie and Steve on Saturday, just praying my phone didn’t ring.  I was going to be running fast to get home if it did!  This run felt good, but once again I was overrunning my lungs.  I need speed work in a bad way!  My digestive issues have finally settled!  I did get my Flora Digestive Enzymes and Oil this week.  The Digestive Enzymes are designed to be taken just prior to starting a meal and I have been using it with the larger meals of the day.  The oil is another thing.  I have been adding it to my smoothies but am struggling to find other non-heated meals/foods to add it to.  I really want to find a way to take it daily so I need to get creative.

Sunday’s 10.5 miler felt awesome!!!  Beyond awesome.  I never once wanted to quit.  My legs stayed strong the whole run.  I tried a bagel about a half hour before this run and it worked like a charm.  I usually get a bagel on the road on our way to mountain runs and it actually hadn’t occurred to me to eat one at home.  Duh!!!  I think the simple carbs work really well prior to a big run.  I used a heavy concentration of Tailwind in my bladder and ate one Honey Stinger Waffle along the way.  I never got hungry and my belly was silent.  This run is NOT easy and is literally 10 miles of rollercoaster hills.  My fastest mile was mile 10.  Last year I was starting to get faster the longer I ran and it is nice to see that pattern starting to develop again.  My breathing was easy and my core and hip flexors did not let me down.  Other than some calf soreness (in the good way!) I am feeling great and ready to go again.

Coming up…. 

This is a “rest week” per the plan.  On tap is the usual 2-3 runs midweek, a Sharpfit session, Dodgeball (yeah, I joined a league…. holy crap), two full days of defensive tactics training and an 8 miler and 6 miler for the weekend.  I would love to get Yoga in there somewhere too.  I did the Jillian Michaels Power Yoga DVD last week and was actually impressed with it!    I will definitely be taking pictures this week…. even if it is just Dodgeball related 🙂


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