Week Three – Recap (the good, bad and ugly!)

Miles Run: 24.5

Total Elevation Climbed:  1856 ft.

How many times I wanted to punch Tony:  12

This week was nothing short of ugly and amazing all at once.  Work failed to slow down (another 52 hours and some sleep deprivation) and I developed RAGING heartburn that started during Week 2 and lasted almost all the way through Week 3.  After a particularly painful run where Tony decided to get me frickin lost in Kingman Farm… hold on… let me set the stage….

11 degrees.  Windy.  Trail/field run.  Rippin’ heartburn.  Tony thinking he knew the way to this magical field.  Getting lost.  Backtracking.  Almost punching him 10 times.  Nearly puking 3 times.  4.75 miles later… emerged from the woods to get a call from my best friend saying she was engaged (love you ‘Manda!!!).  This run was epically disasterous (I don’t think those are words) and all I wanted was a damn helicopter to come get me.  I should mention we were not far from home on very non-technical terrain.  I still wanted to die. 

After toughing out the heartburn up to that point, I gave up and started a two week cycle of Prilosec.  I think the heartburn is partially female related, partially work stress related and partially training related.  Just a tough week.  To be proactive about it, I reached out to Kristina Folcik-Welts, a local ultrarunner.  She has been using Flora products for some time now with success.  Between talking to her and a rep from the company, I decided to try their Digestive Enzymes as well as their Choice Oil.  I will be getting them this week and will keep you posted on my progress.  I hate the fact that I am on the Prilosec right now, but it has worked it’s magic and I am no longer in misery.

Weekend Long Runs….. 

belknap me

We hit the Belknap Range on Saturday for some 16 degree (sub zero at the summits) fun.  We climbed Mt. Major then split off to do the Straighback Peaks.  My legs felt incredibly strong, my gut was great and my new pants (round 2) did not fall down!!!  I will review these pants soon.  They are windblock running pants from Road Runner.  Anyway…. climbs were fantastic, I had tons of energy (leaping through snow drifts like a snow nymph) and had a blast.  6.3 miles, 3 peaks and about 1500 feet of climb.


Our Sunday long run was supposed to be two laps at Northwood State Park.  This would have been 10 miles on the trail.  The first lap absolutely beat me down.  The snow was not as well packed as Belknap so my calves and ankles took a beating.  Tony and Bill were so kind to walk it out with me as needed.  It was beautiful in the fields despite having to break trail:


We finished lap one and I told Tony I wanted to go home and get the last miles on the road.  He thought I was a crazy and went along with it.  These were easily the hardest four miles, mentally, I have had in quite some time.  My heart rate was out of control and I just couldn’t find my rhythm.  But… we got it done.  And some gem of a pep talk came out of it.  During a particularly dark moment, I asked Tony if I was ever going to get strong.  Our conversation and subsequent text conversation revealed this (I left it unedited):

so you made a comment today about wondering when you were going to get strong

I know you know this but I’m going to re-enforce it. I think you secretly like when I tell you how strong you are. hehe

We started out at about 80% half-marathon prepared. This plan is for those who had just finished a marathon about a month prior.

Look back at the other back to back weekends. This past weekend you hiked and ran Mt major and straight back. This is only a few miles short of the franconia loop. It was technical, slippery and cold. You finished STRONG. 6 miles up and down some very steep stuff.

and we were ready for more.

Today you backed that with a 5.2 mile hike/run and then another 4 miles on the road.

16 miles for this weekend with about 2k of elevation. If not more. Last weekend was just saddleback and a road/trail run ..much less technical and much less elevation.

SO the answer to your question again is

You are getting stronger. More than you realize.

 It’s time for me to get over getting upset about not meeting the ridiculous training goals in my head and stick to the fundamentals of WHY I am doing this.  I am doing this for fun.  To push myself beyond my limits.  To be a better person.  To quell the monster in my head.  And most of all….. because it is my dream.  I am not saying I won’t slip up again, but I need to remember how far I have come.  Two years ago, I was running 5 miles a week and dealing with all sorts of leg pain that finally took PT and hard work to over come.  Today, I am blasting down mountains on spikes and laughing the whole way.  My biggest issue is trying not to pee my pants when laugh hysterically.  That my friends is happiness.


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