Week Two – Recap

Finally got some snow!

Finally got some snow!

Miles Run: 20.2

Total Elevation Gain: 1501 ft.

Total Falls: 5 

Here is an excerpt from Tony’s Facebook post about our Saturday run:

At any point during this 3 hour trek today you would have seen the following:

-Heather’s new pants falling off.
-Tony standing shin deep in water
-Heather sprinting up FU hill which was a sheet of ice. 
-Heather pointing and laughing at Tony while he slid 20feet down a rock face
-Heather ignoring Tony and sliding down Saddleback road on her ass, then standing…and then standing while touching her toes..don’t ask I have no idea how she stayed upright.
-That was followed by heather crouched over laughing and crying…A lot..
-A moment of silence for the lady in Virginia that was killed by a drunk driver while running.  
-Followed by Heather making weird noises mimicking the guy wires at the top of saddleback.
-Both of us coming out of the woods yelling “I just made yellow snow!” at the same time.
-Heathers pants falling off again and causing her to fall.
-and she fell again
– now we are on fall number 4 ….
-Tony asking Heather to hand him the sharp spikes she had in her hands since she refused to put them on….it was mostly for my safety.
-She refused.
-Not getting lost …for once. (ok we got lost once but it wasn’t too bad)
-Finding a big lake in the middle of the trail
-Tony falling face first after getting off the rough trail..refusing to get up and crawling 100 yards. My snack pocket was full of snow.
-Cramps…Cramps…more cramps.
-Way too much anatomy talk.
-Tony and Heather counting days out to May to see if Heather will be cramping during Pineland….we are both bad at math..
-Heathers epic farmers blow to end the run. 
-Tony being polite and not hi-fiving her with the snot soaked glove on his right hand.

Dunkin donuts. 40 min slow car ride home from Northwood..followed by lunch with lise..Not a bad run!

I had a miserable set of runs this weekend.  And despite that, I still managed to laugh my ass off.  


The ice under the snow was just plain insane.  And here is the problem.  I started our Saturday run in my new microspikes:


The spikes are fantastic on ICE but suck big time on wet sticky snow.  Our lovely meteorologists said we would get 1-3 inches of snow.  They lied, we got about 8 inches!  And due to being in the dense woods, Tony and I had no idea how hard it was actually snowing.  So… wet, sticky snow lead to huge snowballs under my feet on the chains and made it nearly impossible to run.  MISERABLE.  Combine that with nasty nasty cramps (thanks lady time)


Score is: Lady time – 1. Heather – 0.

incredible heartburn for the entire 7.75 miles and the ice, I wanted to quit.  I actually fell at one point and just started laughing and crying all at the same time.  At the end of the run though, I was alright with the effort and so glad we got it done, especially since we dedicated it to Meg’s Miles.  Plus we actually knocked out Saddleback Mountain (just over 1,000 ft of elevation)!

Sunday’s run was slightly better.  We got out onto the trails as the snow ended and skipped the spikes this time.  Our run was 7 miles, with about 3 of that on pavement.  No heartburn for this run, no lady cramps but some very minor IBS cramps.  I got it done though!  14 miles for the weekend.  I missed two midweek runs due to work, but my legs felt strong.  I swear the universe was against me this week, throwing long hours, a head cold, a cat emergency (he is OK, but still at the vet with a UTI issue… yeah brought him in before Sunday’s run), a mystery snow storm, nasty heartburn, PMS and IBS… but despite it all, I got it done and feel really strong and ready for more.  And another nap.  But it’s Monday, so here we go again!!!


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  1. Mind Margins
    Jan 20, 2014 @ 14:40:30

    It might have been a tough run but it looks absolutely gorgeous with the snow. Good times–and those are the runs we always remember.


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