Week 2 – bombed


I had to know it was going to happen.  Last week went SO well, of course this week was going to bomb badly!  I should have gotten two runs in by now, three by the of today and then resting for the weekend.   I have one 4 miler under my belt (plus an awesome cross-fit session… think a WOD that includes 9 exercises, each being 54 reps… including 54 burpees) but that is it!  I got stuck on a 16 hour shift due to a late afternoon/evening hospital transfer and didn’t get in bed until 1AM.  I am already scheduled for a double at work today.  I am trying so hard to take it in stride.  I love my job, so that helps.  However, each time I miss a workout, my anxiety spikes.  I keep sending messages in caps to Tony, screaming about not being in shape for Pineland.  I am being an idiot…. he reminds me.  My base is great.  I am getting stronger by the day… did I mention I have a sore throat?  That could be the four hours of sleep I got last night.  

Sitting in front of my bright light energy lamp that I used when I worked mids and gulping coffee.  Green smoothie up next before I start this day.  Fingers crossed I can get a damn run in tomorrow!  If not… then NO ONE IS STOPPING ME THIS WEEKEND!


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  1. Fishstick
    Jan 16, 2014 @ 13:43:48

    THE SCREAMING HAUNTS MY DREAMS! Not really. Chill kid. I haven’t failed you yet. Plenty of running before Pineland and many more bumps in the road that we will encounter. Performance and character will not be based on the easy days. It’s how you get through the tough times that will determine your performance this year. Remember that. Endurance sports are about the mental game. Just think of this stuff as training because if you can overcome this stuff you can overcome a silly race.

    And ..really sorry about giving you my cold. I’m an ass.


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