Week One – Recap

Miles Run:  24.7

Total Elevation Gain:  1637 feet

I am actually very surprised at how well this week went.  I also realize not every week will work out even close to this!  I got in every workout without a single work interruption and they all went smoothly.  OK, I lie.  Yesterday’s run was sucky and hysterical all at once.  In a single photo recap of my 5.5 miler at Pawtuckaway:


Holy shit.  Yeah, that was the last half mile climb to the fire tower.  It was on and off raining and icing the night before and still drizzling during the run.  Two weeks ago, Tony and I had beautiful snowy trails for this run.  On this day, it was pure ice.  I used my Yak Trax (run version…. more on that later) as did most of the group.  Craig was the only one in actual microspikes and he powered both up and down the ice.  As we got to the ascent, I told Bill and Craig to go ahead.  Katie and Steve were a bit behind me.  This left me alone for the duration of the climb.  I picked my way along, trying to remain positive and then my head just took over.  I became irrationally angry at mother nature.  I actually stopped and started yelling out loud.  I used some very unkind words for her.  I told her it was bullshit that it was icing and ruining my snow during the winter I chose to train for a 50K.  I LOVE training in the snow.  It makes me so happy.  But this is just SHIT.  In addition to being pissed, the arches of my feet hurt so bad.  I don’t usually have foot problems but they both hurt equally bad.  I am assuming it was from clenching my feet over all the ice and nasty rutted snow.  I stopped for a minute or two and finally collected my anger and started to power ahead.  I made it to the completely socked in summit and met Craig and Bill.  I instantly felt better.  Despite no view, I had made it to the top.  Katie and Steve (along with Izzy Pup) joined us and we took a few minutes to chat before heading down.  Down was way easier, the pain in my feet subsided and while it was tricky to make it down that ice, we laughed uncontrollably at times over the stupidity of it all.  Thank you friends for getting me through that run!  And run it was…. I would say we ran 70% of that.  And it was NASTY.

I had a significantly better 8 miler today… the sun and 40+ degree temps helped significantly:


Katie and Tony joined me on the half dirt road, half pavement loop:


Best running pals ever!  I got flipped off after I finished my pee break behind a stone wall.  Oh the joys of running!  This run felt great overall.  Legs were strong, no foot pain at all and that pesky hip is finally getting better!  I had tailwind in my pack and one Honey Stinger Waffle along the way.

This week was only marred by some significant belly issues that go back to Tuesday afternoon.  Not to be gross, but I have been spending every day on the toilet.  I was thinking hormones, but I am actually more inclined to believe I have a bug of some sort.  My energy level is good, I have plenty of appetite, but I am very unsettled.  VERY annoying.  There is a stomach bug going around, so going to keep an eye on this.  I have a rest day tomorrow (yoga) and won’t be back to running until Tuesday AM.  Here is hoping I settle before then!  Only good news is it doesn’t effect me at all when I do run.  Thankful for that!

Finally…. on the microspike front.  This is a long overdue purchase!  I picked up a set of Kahtoola Microspikes at EMS this morning.  I am done slipping.  Irunfar reviewed these and loved them for running so here is hoping to a slip free winter.  Seems as if these nasty weather patterns are refusing to bring back the big snow I had hoped for so I plan on making the best of it.

Overall…. training felt great.  So, now onto week 2 and rolling with the punches, both work related and personally!  I have vowed to be a better wife when it comes to home cooked meals… $165.00 at the grocery store today should help with that.  I will post what I test too!  Standby for recipes!


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  1. Mind Margins
    Jan 12, 2014 @ 23:29:29

    That sounds (and looks) like one tough run you had. I love winter and snow, because we get so little of it, but I am actually glad for the warmer weather we finally have. It’s been very cold here in Texas! I can’t imagine what it’s been like further north.


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