Tired but feeling good!

Week 1 is almost done, all I have left is my “long runs.”  This plan is set to run through the end of May is fairly aggressive.  My running partner/coach failed to let me know it was designed for someone in Marathon condition.  HAHAHAHA!  That being said, we are shaving where needed, about 10% off runs.  I have done the following:

Monday:  Massage and chiro…. also known as a reset!  Desperately needed and way overdue.  My SI joint on my right side has been bugging me so massage therapist worked on it and then gave me some pointers on how to roll it better.  I also got instructions to stick an ice pack down my pants regularly!

Tuesday:  5AM run… it was -6 with wind!  Holy crap.  Katie and Steve joined Tony and I.


We completed 3.7 miles on the snowmobile trails.  Upper body sore from massage, but hip felt good.  Yaks and headlamps were key!  I followed this up with a crossfit session in the evening.

Wednesday:  4.1 miles (49 minutes) on pavement.  Ran solo with my tunes, felt good.  Hip feels strong.

Thursday:  Steve and I got very lost at Kingman Farm.  3.4 miles, 47 minutes.  Beautiful night sky:


This run consisted of ice skating, bushwacking and postholing.  And lots of laughing.  I was so tired when we were done.

I feel really good today, just tired and so ready to be done with this work week.  Hip feels good (best it has in months) and hamstrings are tight so more rolling is in order for tonight.  I have been getting a lot of sleep (at times a bit restless), have been incredibly hungry so consuming calories like a pig and in general feel ready for more.  We have somewhere between 10-15 miles on tap for the weekend so I will recap when we are done!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. vttrailgirl
    Jan 11, 2014 @ 14:07:49

    Did Tony throw down for Petzl Nao?
    Nice job running in the butt a** cold! I am super inspired by ya.


    • spottedimages
      Jan 12, 2014 @ 21:44:48

      He totally bought a Petzl. No idea what model, but it was like $80! The rest of us use the Spot by Black Diamond and the funniest part is it is WAY brighter than the Petzl and half the price!!!


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