Tears….. here’s to an end and a beginning

It’s been a hell of a month.  Those who have been following know I have been through some tough training/race decision, went back to working nights, went through a hiring process and am now in the process of saying goodbye to the one place I have worked for the last 13.5 years.  The place where I grew up.

This week has been a tearjerker.  As the reality of moving on really hit me, I went through a variety of emotions.  I have dealt with those in a variety of ways:

1) Obsessively clean:  I was actually using a tiny little brush to scrub the grout on my bathroom floor on Tuesday.  That was after loads of laundry, vacuuming, barn cleaning, pet visits and grocery shopping.

2) Run:  Yes, run!  Got in a very solid 8.6 miler on Monday with Katie, Bill and Steve.  It was warm in the 80s and I wore my pack in preparation to sweep for the NH100K.  As usual, I forgot my Ultimate Direction Wink pack was even there and we finished this run in 1:30.  It was a nice mix of trails and roads.

3) Race:  Three races this week!  Here Katie and I are at the Harmony Hill Trail Race Wednesday night:


Photo SNAPAcidotic

 I took three minutes off my race from two weeks ago on this course.  Did 3.6 in 36:22!  Very fast for me on trail.  I am also getting very strong and confident on downhills.  I love blasting down them!  Our next race is Thursday night.  It is the Thunder Chicken 5K in Portsmouth.  I am going along to run with Amanda.  Then on Saturday, most of us are racing at Kingman Farm for a trail 5K.  Great way to beat stress and sadness!

4) Pack (aka reminisce):  I have taken the last few nights to organize over 13 years worth of  gear, training materials and memories.  I came across some pretty funny documents that I have shared with my co-workers so they can live on.  I also have come across some awesome technology buried in the back of one of my lockers:


I bet it still works!  I remember using an FM transmitter and playing my CD of choice instead of the radio during my shifts.  Good times 🙂

A very close family friend asked to see where I work one last time, but the timing just didn’t work out.  For her, I took a few shots:


My locker room (I have been the only female on my department) midst the chaos of my cleaning and organizing.


The inside of my locker door the way it has looked my whole career.  I never updated it after Eric came along or Tiki, Donkey and Fozzie.  Not really sure why, but I always took comfort in these photos and my motto “This woman can kick your ass.”


We found these handmade buttons once a upon a time when we were cleaning the old building our department was housed in until 2006.  I have no idea why, but I thought they were entertaining and they have been in my locker ever since. I don’t even know what the top one is!  Regardless, they have always made me smile.


Finally, I took a shot of my uniform shirt.  Thursday night will be the last time I ever put it on.  I am incredibly sad, mostly because I am a sentimental person and will miss my brothers immensely.   I have been doing so well the past few days, until tonight when one of them hugged me as he went off duty.  Water works.   I will miss these people.  I have no doubt I will stay in touch with each and every one of them, but walking away is incredibly hard.  My stuff is packed, my gear organized to be returned and many of my memories are banked forever.  

So… here is to an end of an era.  The end of my stint as a patrol officer.

Here is to the start of a new era in my law enforcement career.  

Cheers and hugs to all those who have paved the way for me and have encouraged me to work as hard as I can to be both happy and successful.  For that I will forever be grateful.


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. runningwithsam
    Aug 01, 2013 @ 12:08:56

    New beginnings are great and a great distraction to the leaving part!


  2. vttrailgirl
    Aug 02, 2013 @ 01:08:59

    Love the *Jogproof* CD player. Gotta save this image. It cracks me up, I get so annoyed when someone calls running jogging.
    Congrats and best wishes on your new career path!


  3. nicklemary
    Aug 05, 2013 @ 22:31:15

    Yesterday, while packing B in the car, two runners went by. He asked me why they were running. I said “because it feels good when you stop” without thinking about it. One of the people turned to look at me, and said “How did you know?!?”, laughed, and kept going. I thought of you :o)



    • spottedimages
      Aug 06, 2013 @ 11:06:51

      That’s fantastic! I love that the conversation was loud enough the runners heard it 🙂 Take care!


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