From Now til Then


It’s fair to say my running, even for pleasure, has been taking a backseat to life for the past several weeks.  I have managed to get out there and have not had a bad run (hope that didn’t just jinx my ass) in a very long time.   I think I have finally hit that point with my body that running is comfortable.  I was having a conversation with a co-worker a few days ago about running.  He is short, stocky and strong but not built for running.  He has to run out of necessity for job testing so he is starting to work on it again.  We talked about just getting to the point where it doesn’t hurt, where your body accepts it.  Then just don’t stop! 

Anyway, despite not running much, my desire to run is on FIRE.  I have a few very cool things in the next few months I want to outline.

August 18:  IMMA SWEEPA!!!  I keep yelling this every time I see Tony.  He signed me up (without consulting me) for a sweeping position at the New Hampshire 100K.  I am so excited!  At first, he said our leg would be about 12 miles.  He lied 🙂  It’s actually going to be about 17 miles.  This will be another PDR for me.  The pace should be slow and I have no doubt I can do it.  Plus, no pressure!  I get to be a part of an incredible experience for so many runners.  I will also get to see a few of the runners Tony and I secretly have athletic crushes on!

September 22:  THE BEAST OF THE EAST!  Kismet Cliff Run in North Conway should sufficiently beat my ass.  I am opting for the 5 miler not the 14 miler Tony did last year.  We have something the following weekend that I need to conserve myself for.  Trust me, this alone will be just FINE.  This run is brutal!!!  I am already have pleasant nightmares.

September 29:  VERMONT 50 MILE RELAY!  Yay!  My first relay!  I have the third and final leg of this relay at 19.8 miles.  I also have the privilege of running Tony in.  He is doing the entire 50 miles and is planning on shadowing of relay runners the whole way.  This should be an amazingly painful experience.

October 19:  VULCAN’S FURY!  I did this race last year (my first trail race) and was scarred for life.  So scarred I am going back.  Actually, it wasn’t so much a scar as it was the beginning of this journey.  This race hurt.  I wasn’t prepared.  And I loved it.  It started this fire for trail running that I cannot seem to put out.    The distance is about 12 miles on singletrack, up over a small mountain, down some very cool carriage roads and over a trail we call Katie’s Mile since she met hell here.  Excellent!!!!

November 10:  SEACOAST HALF MARATHON!  I swore I wouldn’t run a road half marathon again.  Yeah, I lied.  I have been running in a pair of Pearl Izumi Streak II road shoes and have fallen in love with the pavement again.  I loved the course and atmosphere too, so screw it.  I am in.  Just have to sign up!

So, what is keeping my passion alive?  I went to the Bear Brook Marathon on Saturday.  I was registered to run this race but sickness/injury and work prevented me from being ready.  Lise and I got there in time to watch some of the early runners come in.  I was floored by them.  Some of them were smiling and ecstatic as they hit the finish time.  I watched one of the females come across and break into tears.  I KNOW THAT FEELING!  I remember finishing at Pineland and holding back the sobs.  There is something so emotional about the effort that goes into the events.  All the training, the pain, the heartache then the finish.  I love it.  I can’t wait to keep it up!  Tony did fantastic, finishing in 5 hours.  He even went out and ran with me yesterday.  His training is bordering on impressive at this point.  I can’t wait to get into this crazy world!

Bearing all this in mind, I am still not really following a training plan.  Dangerous?  Maybe.  That isn’t saying I am not running.  I am running, I am varying my terrain and I am cross training when I can.  I have a plan to increase mileage each week but I am not following a training chart right now.  My eating is clean.  My doctor got my blood work last week and was blown away by how great it looked.  I am healthy and capable of being strong again.  So, more running, more mountains, more strength training.  I got this!


Photo credit: SNAPacidotic


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. runningwithsam
    Jul 29, 2013 @ 17:50:47

    That sounds like a fantastic running schedule ahead!


  2. vttrailgirl
    Jul 30, 2013 @ 10:08:16

    You are looking lean! Sweepers unite! I’ll be at Moosalamoo this weekend.


  3. Mind Margins
    Jul 31, 2013 @ 22:24:49

    You will love the relay. They are so much fun. Looks like you’ve got some great races to look forward to!


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