Patiently waiting….


This really is so fitting for my life right now…. not only running life but professional life.  I can’t even remember where I stumbled upon it, but as soon as I did, I saved it.

For me this represents taking control. 

My professional options have been limited and I am finally in the driver’s seat regarding where I go from here.  I got word yesterday that my background check was complete and I have a tentative start date of August 12th.  I am ecstatic, nervous, humbled and READY!   I can’t wait to learn my new job and finally get out of this damn belt that I am currently blaming for my nagging hip problem.  Twenty pounds of gear and crap hours is finally coming to an end.  There will still be gear and there will still be long work weeks, but all in all, a very different lifestyle within my career field.

Not everyone in my life is happy with my decision.  One person in particular is convinced I am committing professional suicide.  I am sure that each and every time someone changes paths there is always this one person who seems to know more, knows better and simply trashes the idea just because they can.  It’s sad.  Inside I am screaming “This is my life!  Back off!  Let me decide if I have messed up!”   For this one person who is trashing my career choice, I cannot even count the number of people I have spoken with or seen who have had overwhelming support and feedback regarding this very personal decision.   For that I am grateful.

And the number one supporter I have these days?  My incredible husband.  He was a little hesitant at first, mostly for financial reasons, but he is excited for the change.   We may finally have a normal relationship where his wife isn’t heading out the door at 9;00PM for three months at a time every four months (did ya catch that?).  We talked about finally getting to the business of house projects since our hours will be the same for the first time in the seven years we have been together.  That will be cool.

I will also have to find ways to kick him out so I can watch my cheesy girly shows (Mistresses is my current addiction… shhh!)  

My job will hopefully become official next week and then it all becomes real.  This means time to clean out my desk, drawers and lockers that are full of thirteen years of schooling, experiences and memories.  A new chapter begins in the direction I chose!


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