Rest week… kinda

I had some trouble with my ankles… so much so I had to STOP running and give them a break.  This was definitely more hard mentally than physically.   I should have completely rested post mucky 25K but didn’t, thinking I could keep motoring on.  Luckily, I stopped before I did any damage.

I spent last Sunday and Monday just stretching and resting my body.  Tuesday morning I finally got to go back to Body Flow.  I needed that very badly.  Especially considering I attended my first cross fit session that evening….  We are luckily enough to have a professional instructor who hosts a group session for friends once or twice a week.  He has been badgering me for a year to come and finally, FINALLY, it fit into my schedule.  Here I am experimenting with ball slams:


Here is the WOD:

45/15 Work/Rest x 4 Rounds

See Saw Press
Ball Slams
Sandbag Step Ups
Goblet Squats
Ab Mat Sit Ups
Sumo Deadlift Highpulls
Seated Rope Pull

This was ALL new to me.  I have never been to a crossfit session and still have so much to learn.  But guess what?  Loved it!  My legs did not!  By the time Thursday rolled around, I was crippled.  In a good way.  Mostly in my quads.  Can’t wait to go back!

My first test run in my new shoes was also Thursday.  I got me some Pearl Izumi Peak II.  These shoes are delightful.  I have been on a mission to find a trail shoes I could go back and forth from road to trail with.  My Salomon Speedcross are just too knobby for road work.  I will give you a full review on the Peak II as I am in LOVE!  Four slow road miles and my ankles were in good shape.  Quads…. tight but greatly benefitted from this run.

Finally, I put in my first long run since Pineland last night.  Katie, Steve and Tony and I hit up the Sweet Trail (aka Sweet Bitch cause she kinda is).  This is quickly becoming one of my FAVORITE runs.  Nine miles (4.5 out and back).  I usually hate out and back, but this runs completely different in both directions.  We got into the woods around 6:00PM and out around 8:00PM.  We were racing the sunlight at the end.  What a pretty night.  This run felt good overall, despite 65% humidity.  No major complaints in my legs either.  I am definitely getting stronger and more nimble.  My foot work over technical terrain is improving by leaps and bounds.  Here is the one shot I got last night:


It was a beautiful (humid!) night for a run.

So here is what is on tap this week:

Monday – Swim or light run

Tuesday – Crossfit

Wednesday – Rest

Thursday –  Hills

Friday – Rest

Saturday – Light run

SundayFort Rock 10 miler

The bad from this week:  My appetite was up and down all week.  Makes it really hard to get my calories intake correct.  I was not hungry at all on Friday afternoon through Saturday so fueling for my run was tricky.  Used Tailwind in my pack which helped.  Not hungry after my run, so I made a protein shake for dinner.  My TMJ is flaring something fierce too.  My jaw is a mess right now.  Most of the time I can deal with it, waiting patiently for my face to relax!  I have SO much going on personally and professional so it isn’t really a surprise.  Finally, my right hip is still sore.  I must get that addressed by chiro this week.

Shoe review soon!


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Mind Margins/Run Nature
    Jun 09, 2013 @ 10:13:13

    Sweet Bitch! Love it!


  2. sharpee
    Jun 10, 2013 @ 16:25:49

    Nice ball slams!


  3. Ja @Ja on the RUN
    Jun 12, 2013 @ 16:22:46

    You are one tough girl! 🙂


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