6 days…..

Six days…actually it’s less than that now… until Pineland.  Sixteen miles is a big deal for me, especially considering what I have had to deal with.  But, I am saying GOODBYE to the injuries and illnesses once and for all.  I have been pushing my body and it’s responding beautifully!

I got in 22 miles last week (20 the week before).  I even did hill repeats for the first time.  We tackled 400m of what we lovingly call “FU Hill” at Northwood Meadows.  It’s a steep grade, no idea what it is exactly, and a good workout.  We ran up it three times and then ran down slow.   Then we power hiked up three times and ran down as fast was we could.  I almost crapped my pants the first time down at “full speed.”  I was running in the low 7s and had horrifying images of gravel sliding my face down the hill.  I hit the bottom and couldn’t wait to do it again!  My next two runs were in the 6s.  I need a lot more time on them to gain confidence but it was FUN!  Only downside to this workout was a spasming left calf the whole time.  No worse for the wear after barn work and ice.  Recovered nicely.

My big run for the week was 11.3 miles at Pawtuckaway!


Fastest long distance trail run to date for me.  This represented just under 1000 feet of total elevations.  It wasn’t all perfect though.  This run was supposed to be a confidence builder and was my longest run since last November/early December.  And it was… but I had some trouble.

The bad…..

I was cruising until mile 8.  We got lost and had to stop and read the map and hash out where to go.  We need to get our loop headed back towards the car otherwise 11 miles would end with us hitchhiking and me trading Tony for more snacks.  Once we got back on track, my legs quit.  Just stopped all together.  Each one felt like 300 pounds and I got more angry with each step.  I tried breathing techniques, water breaks, yelling out loud, making fun of Tony.  I reminded myself that this feeling is one I need to get accustomed to.  I was able to break out of it, only to start getting lady cramps on right side.  Sweet.  Exactly what I wanted.  And then my knees got sore.

Our turning point was at the end of mile 8.  I needed to decide if I wanted to try what we have dubbed “Katie’s Mile” or walk back by road.  I was looking at about 2.5 miles of twisty single track with rocks and roots.  I sat down to think.  I sucked down some baby food and water, accessed my soreness and then decided to try it.  We walked and ran our way to the end and I finished strong, running in the 9:30s.    I was SHOCKED to see our time.  I did pause the Garmin twice for about 10 minutes each time (lost and “do I strangle myself” reassessment), but it’s still awesome!

Here are some pictures from the run:

Round Pond

Round Pond


11 Miles later!

11 Miles later!

The good:

My fuel was right on.  If I remember correctly, I had two baby food pouches (one smoothie, one spinach mango flavored one), two fig newtons, gummy bears.  I consumed about 15 oz. of water during the run.  I had two eggs, banana and yogurt pre-run with coffee.  I never got hungry.  AND WE HAD ICE CREAM AFTER!!!!

The KT Tape is excellent.  Love it.  Sticks well.  Provides a lovely amount of support to Achilles and calves.

My Wink pack by Ultimate Direction is the friggin’ BOMB.   The weather was in the 60s and humid.  My back got soaked but I never noticed and I was not hot at all.  Can’t wait til it’s hotter to see how it goes.  I love how much I can stuff into this thing!  Best purchase ever!

Have I mentioned about much I adore my Salomon Speedcross 3 running shoes?  The holy grail for me.  I actually just sent my Inov-8s back and exchanged them for Salomon Mission XRs.  More on those in another post.

Finally, I am feeling confident I can get my ass through Pineland.  It won’t be fun, but I can make it happen.  I had no issues the day after this run and am ready to go again!

Stay tuned for a last minute freak out post 🙂


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  1. Fishstick
    May 21, 2013 @ 00:43:05

    I can’t figure out why, but I look weird in that picture by the pond…I can’t wait to watch you freak out, this is going to be funny.


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