Two weeks from NOW

Two weeks from NOW, I will be anxiously pacing, jumping up and down and getting my last snack before the gun goes off for the longest race of my life to date.  On May 26th, I will be attempting to complete the Pineland Running Festival 25K.  Notice I said complete…. I am severely under trained due to the last three months of plague and injuries.

Is it dumb to do it anyway???  YUP.

That being said, I have been running incredibly well the last two weeks.  I managed 20 miles this week, my best since January.  I’m rolling, icing, stretching and resting between runs.  I am eating everything in sight and losing weight.  I am my lowest in years at 129 and holding steady.  I really don’t want to be any thinner.  I need to lift but haven’t been cleared yet due to the hematoma.  Mass building will have to wait while I run my heart out.

My most memorable run of the last two weeks was yesterday afternoon.  Tony, Katie and I heading out to the Sweet Trail (dubbed Sweet Bitch because she is somewhat rolly and grueling).  I have only run it once and it came out to about 8.5 miles and my average pace was in the 14s.  That run was last October.  It was poorly planned (little water and a handful of Craisins to get me by).  I was not impressed.  Yesterdays run, however was AMAZING!!!!  Here is how it looked:


This run felt excellent.  I went into a little nervous for a few reasons:

1) Longest run since croup/hematoma incident (2 weeks feeling like death)

2) My calves have been bugging me (more on that in a minute)

3) It was humid as hell – 70 degrees and 69% humidity

The run starts at the end of a dirt road, is mostly single track with rolls, turns, rocks, roots and some more dirt road.  The end is worth it… the trail literally stops 4.5 miles later at Great Bay:


I forget how beautiful it is out here.  We stopped for about 20 minutes to snack, explore and get silly… as seen below….


Our runs are always an adventure!  On one of our runs earlier this week, Katie started talking about mating Horseshoes crabs.  I thought she was full of crap until I saw an article in the paper about it.  Guess what we found at the bay!!!!!?????  Katie was a big happy.  Tony was joking about looking for them… we never thought we would actually find a pair.  I think our humor is what makes our runs the most fun!

We headed back not long after this and finished strong.  Katie almost went to her dark place at about mile 8.  Tony and I started throwing food at her.  That seemed to help.  I ate gummy bears (first time I have tried them on a run… YUM!), a baby food pouch and a few fig newtons.  No problems.  No hunger.  I drank 20 oz. of water in 2 humid hours.

The best part about this runs was my calves.  They have been SUPER tight.  They have always been my issue.  They get tight and sore.  The January I have been really working on changing my stride.  I was doing great, but the two month “break” set me back.  I had been used to my 4mm Kinvaras and started running in 3mm Inov-8s.  The calf tightness is no doubt due to that.  I transition back and forth from the Inov-8s and my Speedcross (11mm) with great success.  I decided to try KT Tape yesterday and I have to say I was skeptical but impressed!  No, it didn’t eliminate the tightness, but I ran strong and felt good.


As for Pineland it may be a shit show.  The three of us are running it together.  Hard to say how we will do.  I need to stay slower to start than I have been.  I have no idea what to expect, but it’s just a training run at this point!  And it should be a blast after 🙂

For this week, I need to get back to Bodyflow.  I am also going to have a few runs during the week and a 10-12 on Saturday.  That will be our last long run until Pineland.  It is what it is!


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. vttrailgirl
    May 12, 2013 @ 15:45:38

    What an awesome post! Love the horseshoe picture.
    AND, ACK!!! Two weeks.
    I can’t wait to meet you guys! I’ll bring Gummy Bunnies to share. They’re like gummy bears, but tropical flavored. Yum! I’m torn between wanting these two weeks to hurry up and simultaneously wanting time to slow down.


    • spottedimages
      May 12, 2013 @ 20:01:49

      Yum! I will give those a shot! We are going to have to come up with a meeting plan… I am assuming the BBQ since we are coming up that morning and you will already be off and running. I’m excited!!!


  2. Fishstick
    May 12, 2013 @ 22:55:52

    I can’t believe how much you swore in this post..You are almost revealing to the world the picture I paint of you…


  3. Ja @Ja on the RUN
    May 14, 2013 @ 03:59:14

    I love all your adventures! 🙂


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