I’m slacking-sorry for lack of posts…

This video attached to my running partner’s blog is a must see! Pretty much sums up our own runs.

Running to 100

I hurt my ankle…I haven’t been able to run.  Heather has earned 20 new nicknames and a feature article in the magazine “Weird shit and diseases that only could happen to Heather.”  Yes – that is the name of the magazine.

Running has been horrible due to my ankle so I don’t have much to add right now.  Spring has been slow to arrive but it’s getting better.  The trails are begging for attention.  Pineland is right around the corner and we decided that if we get into the car that morning it is a success.  Considering all the shit we have gone through up to this point, it’s hard to argue.

I’ll leave you with two gems.


Full of ice cream and puking on my lawn

 I want to get healthy just so I can do that to myself.
and this one…

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  1. Fishstick
    Apr 27, 2013 @ 00:29:38

    The burp at the end is so you….


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