This cough, ahem I should say CROUP, absolutely sucks.  But I am making headway and finally ran again yesterday (first time since last Wednesday).  I mainly didn’t run during that time because I was getting no sleep.  And no sleep plus running = bad news for this kid.  I know better now.  So, I waited until I was getting a solid 6 hours with some extra naps and committed to running.

I woke up yesterday morning not really wanting to run.  I actually had my coffee and breakfast and laid back down on the couch.  After about ten minutes I willed myself to get up and at least put my running clothes on.  That helped get me going.  I packed up my Wink with about 30 oz. of water and snacks, hopped in the car and went to Northwood Meadows.  This would be the first time I had been here since January.  In January it was snow covered, rutted and nasty.  It has not been runnable all winter.  I didn’t know what to expect so I wore my Speedcross 3s from Soloman.  The weather was nice (about 55 and sunny with a light wind) and I was eager to get into the woods by the time I got there.

I felt great right from the start.  My legs were strong and my breathing settled in.  Having a cough drop in my mouth prevented all coughing.  I ran, stopped to take pics, and ran some more.  Overall, my pace was sub 12 and I did the 5.3 (or 5.5 according to Strava) in 1:03.  Not too shabby.  Conditions were EXCELLENT!!!!


I got about 550 feet of elevation changes out of this run and some challenging uphills.  It’s a great training ground.  And close to home. There will be a trail race series held here all summer hosted by Acidotic Racing.  We are super excited about it!  It’s our stomping grounds!  The races will be held for 8 weeks on Wednesday nights and 3.6 miles in length.

Here is what I took away from this run…. about 4 miles in I got hungry.  I decided to power through despite having food with me.  If I had stopped to snack, I would have been able to add some miles on.  Next time for sure.  I also forgot I was wearing my Speedcross.  They appear to be a big clunky shoe, but they don’t run that way at all.  And the tread it super aggressive.  More than you need in here.  I need to start rotating my Inov-8s in.  I think I will be ready for a double here by next weekend.  That makes me happy.  I have come back from my hamstring injury and illnesses feeling very strong.  I will never be speedy, but I can certainly finish strong.  I’m so glad I made it into the woods yesterday!


I really do adore this pack.  I wonder if I will think it’s too heavy for the summer, only time will tell.  It’s about the only piece of equipment I have any concerns about.  There are “lighter” options on the market, but my husband and running partner will both kill me if I buy a second pack.

My plan for the next few days includes a few miles today or tomorrow followed by 5-6 on Saturday and the Maloney Unity Run Saturday (5.6 on pavement – ouch).  Next week I will hopefully be sickness free and time to get serious.  PINELAND IS A MONTH AWAY!!!!!


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  1. vttrailgirl
    Apr 23, 2013 @ 21:48:56

    Great pics!
    Im getting pretty psyched for Pineland!!!


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