Confidence builder

Longest run since December 2012 – check

Longest trail run since injury – check

Most challenging run since injury – check

Outcome:  Fantastic!  I can’t even believe how I feel this morning.  Very little soreness and no issues!

Tony and I planned to hit Pawtuckaway State Park yesterday.  I told him my goal was 2 or so hours on my legs.  Pawtuckaway is an excellent training ground, full of technical trails, climbs and a variety of terrain.  Before we left, Tony’s wife said something to the effect of “are you doing the Vulcan?”  I laughed.  Um, no.  The Vulcan is the 12 mile course put on by Acidotic Racing.  I have done it twice and it beat my ass twice.  I did not think I was anywhere near ready to tackle that yet.  I should have known better.  I have finally realized when Tony says 6 miles, add three.  No matter what.

We got to Pawtuckaway and started getting geared up.  I wore my lined Hind pants, Speedcross, Under armour, technically t-shirt and windjacket.  I also had my Wink pack, snacks, water, hat and gloves.  It was in the 30s with a very brisk wind.  The sun was out so that was nice.  We headed out and decided to take a trail we call “Katie’s Mile.”  During the Vulcan, Katie went to her dark place on this three mile technical track.  I HATE this trail.  Nothing personal, it’s just sucky.  It all looks the same… never ending!  It sucks to run tired or fresh.  But, it is a good place to warm up.  At the end of this, I had my first snack, a Happy Tot pouch.  At the four mile mark, we had a decision to make… around towards Round Pond and end with some nice downhills on a 9 mile run or loop back and end up running part of “Katie’s Mile” again for about 8 miles.  I opted for the longer run so I wouldn’t have to see that stupid trail again!

A few more miles in, I ate half a PB&J sandwich.  Yum!  No stomach issues yet.  At about 7 miles I started to feel the fatigue in my legs.  We were picking our way across a lot of rocky sections, over streams and in some wet terrain.  I had no pain, just fatigue.  This was about 2 1/2 hours in.  I had been on my legs longer than I have been since December.  Overall, though I was still ticking along.  I put on my Yaks for the last 1.5 mile section because I was sick of picking my way over the ice.  Best decision I made.  It helped get my strength back.  I also chowed some dates.  We hit the last 3/4 mile and I started humming again.  I was running in the 9s and feeling tired but like I still had some gas.  I was floored!!!   Here is the stats on our run:


Here are a few shots from the run:



Water crossing

Water crossing

Woronoco Trail AKA "Katie's Mile"

Woronoco Trail AKA “Katie’s Mile”

End of the run... and I was only kidding.  I had a great run!

End of the run… and I was only kidding. I had a great run!

This run was such a great confidence builder!  I think I ate fairly well, but could have done a little better.  I definitely stayed hydrated and actually didn’t pass out when I got home.  I had a minor stomach cramp which I thought was my abs…. it may have actually been from not peeing during the run.  It later dissipated.  My lower back was sore near the end, but I blame that on my need for more core strength.  It released as soon as we stopped and I stretched it.  All in all, I am ready to go again!

What’s up next?

Tonight – short run to loosen it all up (after work)

Monday – Yoga in the AM

Tuesday – rest/massage

Wednesday – 4-6 miles at Fort Rock.


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