Turning point

Have you ever started a new workout routine or remember when you took your first running step and thought “holy crap, I’m so weak!!!”? That was me four weeks ago.  Despite being in great shape coming into 2013 I lost a lot of condition in 6 weeks.  I started back with small runs, about 2 miles, and started Bodyflow (Les Mills).  I was standing my first Bodyflow classing thinking there was no way I was going to get a hang of these moves.

Well today… I feel as if it’s finally getting easier.  I managed to do most of the one leg balance work whereas in my first class four weeks ago I couldn’t even get a leg off the ground.  I am leaving class lengthened and feeling like I worked my core.   I can’t wait to see how this improves my trail work.  To be honest, I have SUCKED at getting myself stretched out and relaxed over the last year.  It really doesn’t surprise me that I blew that hamstring.  I avoided yoga like the plague because it was easier to “just go for a run” instead of going to a  yoga class.  Bodyflow has opened my mind and I get a burn I wasn’t getting before.  I am in love.  And I am hoping it makes a difference on my balance and recovery.

I had the same feeling yesterday on my run.  I spent the morning in a meeting and got home around noon.  I immediately threw on my gear (still wearing my damn under armour mock turtleneck since it was in the 30s with a nasty wind) and headed out the door.  My plan was 3 miles on the road, but when I hit the top of my street, I veered onto the trail.  I was pleasantly surprised to find it mostly clear with some ice here and there.  A mile and a half in the trail turns to pavement (the trail is a class IV roadway… all dirt, not passable for regular traffic, mostly used by Jeeps and four wheelers).  At this point, I usually turn around for my three mile out and back.  Yesterday I felt good and figured I would run to the 2 mile mark and turn around.  I hit the two mile mark and started to toy with the idea of running out and looping back to home on the road.  In my head I estimated that would be about 8 miles.  I vetoed it for a few obvious reasons:

– No water or snacks (not a big deal for most people, but I do tend to drink and eat at anything over 5-6 miles)

– I haven’t done anything over 5+ miles since January

– I didn’t want to do “too much too soon” and ruin my legs

So, I turned around and ran my ass off on my way home.  I ended my run in the field, thinking I need to get used to that terrain too for Pineland.  My average pace was 11:20 (right on target), but I definitely over-ran my legs in some spots.  I had a sore right shin for most of last night due to a slip at a creek crossing.  Ice and the Bodyflow class seemed to have helped that.

Ultimately, I wish I had my water and snack with me because I would have run the whole loop.  I was ticking away and feeling my strength coming back.  I am happy I made the decision I made though.  I had some left in the tank and even though I twisted my ankle, it I was a good run.  I later mapped out the route and it comes out to 7.5 miles.  It will definitely be on my list in the coming weeks.

What’s up next:

– Saturday – Pawtuckaway:  No idea how long this run will be.  I am leaving that up to the Creeper to decide my torture.

– Sunday – Easy 2-3 miles, stretching

Before I go, just want to give a quick review on the Citrus Zinger water bottle I won from Shut Up+Run.  This thing is amazing!  I started using it yesterday.   I have tried lemon, strawberries and now I am on to a lemon/blackberry mix.  I am definitely drinking more and it’s fun to use:


 This is definitely my new favorite thing of the week!  I envision taking it everywhere with me.  Also gives me an excuse to buy lots of fresh fruit!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Leesa D
    Apr 05, 2013 @ 14:02:26

    I need to get my butt back to Bodyflow! Love that class.
    And nice work on pushing yourself but still making smart decisions. 🙂


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