Trail run with a side of sore throat

After spending about a month off and on sick with a head cold and then bronchitis, the last thing I need or want is another ailment!!!!!!! I am still not even sure if it is a head cold or allergies, but regardless it started with a raging sore throat after the best run I have had since January.

My family doesn’t celebrate Easter.  It’s not as if we are opposed, we just don’t.  We used to when we were kids and Dad and I kept it up for a little while, but ultimately it went by the wayside given my job, other commitments, etc.  So, yesterday I planned a trail run at Pawtuckaway with Creeper.  He is well on his way to working on his “homeless ultramarathoner” look and didn’t realize his headphone were in his winter hat during the entire run.  His hair is bushy.  I digress…..

So, yesterday morning was about 41 degrees when we started our run and partly cloudy.  I got to wear my Wink pack (yay!!!!!  fell in love again) and strapped on my Speedcross.  What great shoes these have turned out to be.  Not only are they like walking on a cloud, but they make it possible to run some pretty nasty trails.  We parked in the paved lot and ran down the road about a 1/4 mile to the trail head.  The first few hundred yards were completely dirt, but that changed quickly.  We stopped and put on our Yaks so we could navigate the icy and frozen snow mess.  On we went.  The climbs definitely challenged my lungs abut not my legs.  My hamstring felt incredible and my legs did everything I asked of them.  We hit the 800′ summit of the fire tower in 48:50.  That represents 2.7 miles in the segment created by someone on Strava.  The summit was beautiful!


Warm, sunny and worth the climb.  We stopped at the top for about ten minutes for a snack:


Yup, that’s baby food!!!!!!  Yum!!!!

So, after snack time, we started our descent.  Once again, I was impressed with my legs and my lungs.  My breathing became very steady and I was able to run most of the descent once we got past the steep sections that required picking our way down.  The last leg of our run was back up the 1/4 mile paved hill.  We took the Yaks off and slowly I picked my way to the top.  My legs were burning at the top and my lungs screaming but I did it!!!!!  First tough run done!!!  5.5 miles and a roughly 14:30 pace.  Woot woot!  It was a major confidence builder for me.

Not long after the run, the sore throat started.  Followed my the headache, post nasal drip and burning eyes.  GRRRRRRRR!!!!!  Come on!  I am hoping it’s allergies.  Fingers crossed because I DO NOT want to stop training.  My lungs are good and no cough, so that is good news at least.

Today my legs are equally sore, mostly quads and a tiny bit in my calves.  All normal!   I actually put in two miles on Saturday on the conservation trails behind my house and had my first “lead leg” run.  I was thrilled!  A sign that nothing is wrong!  And it lead to this fantastic run.

Mileage total for the week:  15

Miles for the month:  37

My plan for this week includes:

Monday – rest/stretch/roll

Tuesday – Bodyflow (maybe an easy 2 miles too)

Wednesday – exploring the trails in Exeter by Fort Rock (4-6 miles)

Thursday – Off

Friday – Odiorne (4 miles)

Saturday – Off

Sunday – Pawtuckaway (6 miles)


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Fishstick
    Apr 01, 2013 @ 20:10:46

    you can see the bulge of my earbuds in my hat. Haha


  2. Ja @Ja on the RUN
    Apr 03, 2013 @ 20:03:08

    Awesome! Keep it up!
    Get well soon! Try Ginger tea for your sore throat. It will not sure it but definitely will relieve you. 🙂


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