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This video attached to my running partner’s blog is a must see! Pretty much sums up our own runs.

Running to 100

I hurt my ankle…I haven’t been able to run.  Heather has earned 20 new nicknames and a feature article in the magazine “Weird shit and diseases that only could happen to Heather.”  Yes – that is the name of the magazine.

Running has been horrible due to my ankle so I don’t have much to add right now.  Spring has been slow to arrive but it’s getting better.  The trails are begging for attention.  Pineland is right around the corner and we decided that if we get into the car that morning it is a success.  Considering all the shit we have gone through up to this point, it’s hard to argue.

I’ll leave you with two gems.


Full of ice cream and puking on my lawn

 I want to get healthy just so I can do that to myself.
and this one…

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You can’t make this s&*t up!

Seriously?  That’s all I keep saying.  Going to keep this short and sweet….

Been coughing (had the croup) since Thursday.  Felt really good Monday and Tuesday so got 10 miles.  Yesterday evening was my first day back to work.  Some residual cough, only used inhaler once all day.  Great energy level.  My shift was 2pm-10pm.  Around 9pm, I finished dinner, stood up and coughed.  I got a sudden shooting pain in my right lower abdomen.  It stayed constant.   I attempted to “shake it off” and finish my shift.  At 10pm, I head to the locker room and took my duty belt and pants off.  Oh my……. I almost freaked out.  Huge lump on the lower right side of my abdomen and it appeared to be swelling.  Painful to the touch.  Uh oh.  Hernia?

I got into the car and drove to the ER.  I was lucky enough that Tony and Lise were awake and able to go wake my comatose husband up to come join me.  Dad later came to the party too.

Cat scan and labs…. I have a rectus sheath hematoma.  Google that one.


Another “rare” condition.  What?????  ER doc was like, “yeah, we don’t usually see these.”  Ice, compression wrap, Tylenol and sent home around 3:30AM.  The synopsis after that visit and the visit with the surgeon today was….

I have a tiny tear in my abdomen muscle causing blood to leak and form a hematoma.  Shouldn’t turn into a hernia, but has to watched.  Prognosis is ice, rest and Tylenol for about a week.  Should be running again next week and training the week after.

Just to recap… here is my year:

– Hamstring Strain (late January-early March)

– Bronchitis (late February-early March)

– Head cold (Early April)

– Croup (last week)

– Rectus Strain Hematoma (now!)

Yeah, I am resting the remainder of this week….  I broke my abs.  Most likely a combination of my heavy duty belt and the coughing.  I’m moving into a bubble.


This cough, ahem I should say CROUP, absolutely sucks.  But I am making headway and finally ran again yesterday (first time since last Wednesday).  I mainly didn’t run during that time because I was getting no sleep.  And no sleep plus running = bad news for this kid.  I know better now.  So, I waited until I was getting a solid 6 hours with some extra naps and committed to running.

I woke up yesterday morning not really wanting to run.  I actually had my coffee and breakfast and laid back down on the couch.  After about ten minutes I willed myself to get up and at least put my running clothes on.  That helped get me going.  I packed up my Wink with about 30 oz. of water and snacks, hopped in the car and went to Northwood Meadows.  This would be the first time I had been here since January.  In January it was snow covered, rutted and nasty.  It has not been runnable all winter.  I didn’t know what to expect so I wore my Speedcross 3s from Soloman.  The weather was nice (about 55 and sunny with a light wind) and I was eager to get into the woods by the time I got there.

I felt great right from the start.  My legs were strong and my breathing settled in.  Having a cough drop in my mouth prevented all coughing.  I ran, stopped to take pics, and ran some more.  Overall, my pace was sub 12 and I did the 5.3 (or 5.5 according to Strava) in 1:03.  Not too shabby.  Conditions were EXCELLENT!!!!


I got about 550 feet of elevation changes out of this run and some challenging uphills.  It’s a great training ground.  And close to home. There will be a trail race series held here all summer hosted by Acidotic Racing.  We are super excited about it!  It’s our stomping grounds!  The races will be held for 8 weeks on Wednesday nights and 3.6 miles in length.

Here is what I took away from this run…. about 4 miles in I got hungry.  I decided to power through despite having food with me.  If I had stopped to snack, I would have been able to add some miles on.  Next time for sure.  I also forgot I was wearing my Speedcross.  They appear to be a big clunky shoe, but they don’t run that way at all.  And the tread it super aggressive.  More than you need in here.  I need to start rotating my Inov-8s in.  I think I will be ready for a double here by next weekend.  That makes me happy.  I have come back from my hamstring injury and illnesses feeling very strong.  I will never be speedy, but I can certainly finish strong.  I’m so glad I made it into the woods yesterday!


I really do adore this pack.  I wonder if I will think it’s too heavy for the summer, only time will tell.  It’s about the only piece of equipment I have any concerns about.  There are “lighter” options on the market, but my husband and running partner will both kill me if I buy a second pack.

My plan for the next few days includes a few miles today or tomorrow followed by 5-6 on Saturday and the Maloney Unity Run Saturday (5.6 on pavement – ouch).  Next week I will hopefully be sickness free and time to get serious.  PINELAND IS A MONTH AWAY!!!!!


Like other bloggers, I have been quiet this week.  My emotional roller coaster started weeks prior, culminating on April 12, 2013.  This was the one year anniversary of the death of Police Chief Michael Maloney from the Greenland NH Police Department.  I knew Mike from the start of my career.  He worked in the next town over and was the epitome of a working Chief.  He would get his hands dirty.  He would back patrolman up on calls.  He wouldn’t ask anything of his people he wouldn’t do himself.  And he was everyone’s friend.  I was on the night he died.  I was one of the first back up units on scene.  I will never forget the radio call or the feeling of being able to do NOTHING except help on the perimeter.  We cried for a week.  Really cried.  With no shame.  We held together and formed even stronger bonds.  And we moved on.  A year later, during the week of his death, it was impossible not to relive it.  My co-workers and I were somber.  We shared memories among ourselves and with our friends in Greenland.  We attended a moment of silence for the Chief.  And then we partied.  We partied the way he would have.  And it was an amazing end to a tough week for all involved in seacoast law enforcement.

My uniform on the one year anniversary

My uniform on the one year anniversary

Two days later, Tony and ventured to Bear Brook State Park for what was supposed to be a 10 mile exploration run on what will be our marathon course in July.  My legs felt like lead, but I was in good spirits and just waiting for them to wake up.  About 2.5 miles in, with Tony running behind me, were running along one of the smoothest trails we have been on in a while.  Perfect almost.  Tony says something to the effect of “this is the smoothest trail” and then all of a sudden I hear a trip/pop and realize it was Tony.  I THOUGHT he stubbed his toe and started laughing hysterically.  HYSTERICALLY.  Almost peeing myself.  When I turned around however, I realized it was not his toe.  He was white and looked like he was about to throw up.  I asked how his toe was.  He said it wasn’t his toe.  It was his ankle.  UH OH.  After a few moments of trying to walk it off (with me still giggling uncontrollably cause that’s what I do) we found him a puddle to soak it in.  He is going to KILL me for posting this picture:

Uh oh.... trail medical treatment.

Uh oh…. trail medical treatment.

So, we spent the next 2.5 miles alternating walk and run, with Tony trying to shake it off.  That basically amounted to his ankle swelling a lot.  Here is what the 5 mile mark looked like:

I gave up....

I gave up….

We had no choice but to quit.  Tony had his leg in a pond at this point, fretting about leaches.  Really?  Leaches?  This pond was frozen like a week ago.  Boys….  So back to the car we went.

Monday…. Shocking.  Frightening. Devastating.  I was glued to the TV until last night when they finally found the disgusting shithead who ruined people’s lives and killed innocents… including a police officer.  You animal.  You disgusting piece of shit.  And they found him alive.  When the Chief died, his killer took his own life.  Coward.  I am happy to see this monster will pay the price of his actions.

On Wednesday I ran for those that cannot….  And it was lovely.  I went out and did 5 miles after work in the sun.  I focused on the freedom and the sensation of running.  It was the best I could do.

And the end of my week…. a diagnosis of the CROUP!  The little children disease!!!!!!!!!  Extremely rare in adults.  I thought I had a head cold.  Um no.  This was way nastier.  The doctor asked me if I had kids.  Nope.  Then it dawned on me.  I have been teaching in the elementary school.  Damn it.  While I love the kids…. I got their disease.  Fudge.  No running for me until I can actually sleep through a night.  The good news is my lungs are excellent.  I had to miss the Whale’s Tale 5K this morning at the Seacoast Science Center.  Tony had to miss it too.  We will probably be coming back to running at the same time.  I have a delightful inhaler to open my airway and I am on rest until Tuesday.  CRAPPERS!  25K training ain’t working out so well.  And I have 5 weeks to go.  The hell with it… I keep saying I will get through it even if I have to walk.  Screw it!

Best Husband Ever

Those who know me know I am not the gushy mushy type.  I don’t brag about how my husband and cuddled all afternoon on Facebook (gag).  I usually only mention him when I check-in at someplace cool, like a seafood restaurant and it happens to be his birthday.  Don’t get me wrong, I adore him.  We have been friends for 14 years, have been together for 7 years and got married almost a year ago.  He’s pretty much my oldest friend, other than Heather from middle school.  He’s definitely very different from me in some ways, which makes things interesting…. especially when we don’t get along.  But most days…. we have a cool, relaxed and affectionate existence.

Once again, he reminded me yesterday how awesome he is.  Our friends (Creeper/Tony/run partner and his wife) had a hot water heater emergency.  Eric loaded up his tools and went to the rescue.  By the end of the day, they had a new outside faucet and a new water heater.  And Eric thinks nothing of doing these things.  He’s so flipping talented, he kills me.  While I have a B.S. and a Masters, he attended the UNH engineering program and dropped out after six weeks.  Not because it was hard… because it was boring.  He wanted to DO, not listen to people talk about DOING.  Since then, he has become a skilled carpenter, plumber, electrician, jack-of-all-trades.  He works harder than anyone I know and is so intelligent it can be intimidating an awe-inspiring all at once.

I am a lucky girl.

So, a shout out to my hero, my love… in a very non-mushy way 🙂

Doing my spring clean-up!  I used to have to do this by hand!

Doing my spring clean-up! I used to have to do this by hand!


Confidence builder

Longest run since December 2012 – check

Longest trail run since injury – check

Most challenging run since injury – check

Outcome:  Fantastic!  I can’t even believe how I feel this morning.  Very little soreness and no issues!

Tony and I planned to hit Pawtuckaway State Park yesterday.  I told him my goal was 2 or so hours on my legs.  Pawtuckaway is an excellent training ground, full of technical trails, climbs and a variety of terrain.  Before we left, Tony’s wife said something to the effect of “are you doing the Vulcan?”  I laughed.  Um, no.  The Vulcan is the 12 mile course put on by Acidotic Racing.  I have done it twice and it beat my ass twice.  I did not think I was anywhere near ready to tackle that yet.  I should have known better.  I have finally realized when Tony says 6 miles, add three.  No matter what.

We got to Pawtuckaway and started getting geared up.  I wore my lined Hind pants, Speedcross, Under armour, technically t-shirt and windjacket.  I also had my Wink pack, snacks, water, hat and gloves.  It was in the 30s with a very brisk wind.  The sun was out so that was nice.  We headed out and decided to take a trail we call “Katie’s Mile.”  During the Vulcan, Katie went to her dark place on this three mile technical track.  I HATE this trail.  Nothing personal, it’s just sucky.  It all looks the same… never ending!  It sucks to run tired or fresh.  But, it is a good place to warm up.  At the end of this, I had my first snack, a Happy Tot pouch.  At the four mile mark, we had a decision to make… around towards Round Pond and end with some nice downhills on a 9 mile run or loop back and end up running part of “Katie’s Mile” again for about 8 miles.  I opted for the longer run so I wouldn’t have to see that stupid trail again!

A few more miles in, I ate half a PB&J sandwich.  Yum!  No stomach issues yet.  At about 7 miles I started to feel the fatigue in my legs.  We were picking our way across a lot of rocky sections, over streams and in some wet terrain.  I had no pain, just fatigue.  This was about 2 1/2 hours in.  I had been on my legs longer than I have been since December.  Overall, though I was still ticking along.  I put on my Yaks for the last 1.5 mile section because I was sick of picking my way over the ice.  Best decision I made.  It helped get my strength back.  I also chowed some dates.  We hit the last 3/4 mile and I started humming again.  I was running in the 9s and feeling tired but like I still had some gas.  I was floored!!!   Here is the stats on our run:


Here are a few shots from the run:



Water crossing

Water crossing

Woronoco Trail AKA "Katie's Mile"

Woronoco Trail AKA “Katie’s Mile”

End of the run... and I was only kidding.  I had a great run!

End of the run… and I was only kidding. I had a great run!

This run was such a great confidence builder!  I think I ate fairly well, but could have done a little better.  I definitely stayed hydrated and actually didn’t pass out when I got home.  I had a minor stomach cramp which I thought was my abs…. it may have actually been from not peeing during the run.  It later dissipated.  My lower back was sore near the end, but I blame that on my need for more core strength.  It released as soon as we stopped and I stretched it.  All in all, I am ready to go again!

What’s up next?

Tonight – short run to loosen it all up (after work)

Monday – Yoga in the AM

Tuesday – rest/massage

Wednesday – 4-6 miles at Fort Rock.

Turning point

Have you ever started a new workout routine or remember when you took your first running step and thought “holy crap, I’m so weak!!!”? That was me four weeks ago.  Despite being in great shape coming into 2013 I lost a lot of condition in 6 weeks.  I started back with small runs, about 2 miles, and started Bodyflow (Les Mills).  I was standing my first Bodyflow classing thinking there was no way I was going to get a hang of these moves.

Well today… I feel as if it’s finally getting easier.  I managed to do most of the one leg balance work whereas in my first class four weeks ago I couldn’t even get a leg off the ground.  I am leaving class lengthened and feeling like I worked my core.   I can’t wait to see how this improves my trail work.  To be honest, I have SUCKED at getting myself stretched out and relaxed over the last year.  It really doesn’t surprise me that I blew that hamstring.  I avoided yoga like the plague because it was easier to “just go for a run” instead of going to a  yoga class.  Bodyflow has opened my mind and I get a burn I wasn’t getting before.  I am in love.  And I am hoping it makes a difference on my balance and recovery.

I had the same feeling yesterday on my run.  I spent the morning in a meeting and got home around noon.  I immediately threw on my gear (still wearing my damn under armour mock turtleneck since it was in the 30s with a nasty wind) and headed out the door.  My plan was 3 miles on the road, but when I hit the top of my street, I veered onto the trail.  I was pleasantly surprised to find it mostly clear with some ice here and there.  A mile and a half in the trail turns to pavement (the trail is a class IV roadway… all dirt, not passable for regular traffic, mostly used by Jeeps and four wheelers).  At this point, I usually turn around for my three mile out and back.  Yesterday I felt good and figured I would run to the 2 mile mark and turn around.  I hit the two mile mark and started to toy with the idea of running out and looping back to home on the road.  In my head I estimated that would be about 8 miles.  I vetoed it for a few obvious reasons:

– No water or snacks (not a big deal for most people, but I do tend to drink and eat at anything over 5-6 miles)

– I haven’t done anything over 5+ miles since January

– I didn’t want to do “too much too soon” and ruin my legs

So, I turned around and ran my ass off on my way home.  I ended my run in the field, thinking I need to get used to that terrain too for Pineland.  My average pace was 11:20 (right on target), but I definitely over-ran my legs in some spots.  I had a sore right shin for most of last night due to a slip at a creek crossing.  Ice and the Bodyflow class seemed to have helped that.

Ultimately, I wish I had my water and snack with me because I would have run the whole loop.  I was ticking away and feeling my strength coming back.  I am happy I made the decision I made though.  I had some left in the tank and even though I twisted my ankle, it I was a good run.  I later mapped out the route and it comes out to 7.5 miles.  It will definitely be on my list in the coming weeks.

What’s up next:

– Saturday – Pawtuckaway:  No idea how long this run will be.  I am leaving that up to the Creeper to decide my torture.

– Sunday – Easy 2-3 miles, stretching

Before I go, just want to give a quick review on the Citrus Zinger water bottle I won from Shut Up+Run.  This thing is amazing!  I started using it yesterday.   I have tried lemon, strawberries and now I am on to a lemon/blackberry mix.  I am definitely drinking more and it’s fun to use:


 This is definitely my new favorite thing of the week!  I envision taking it everywhere with me.  Also gives me an excuse to buy lots of fresh fruit!

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