Mandatory rest

Diagnosis:  Bronchitis.

I have never had this many health problems in my short 30 something years on this earth.  I was a reasonably healthy kid.  I have had plenty of head colds, bumps and bruises,  few broken bones (thanks to my equestrian years).  Hey, I play hard, so as a result I get banged around.  No big deal.  Even the hamstring strain was par for the course.

But this SUCKS.  Antibiotics, chest x-ray, EKG and blood work.  Plus I have to wear a holter monitor for my heart starting tomorrow (for 24 hours).  I have googled the pictures…. it’s going to suck.  I have been having racing heart issues and they just want to make sure it’s nothing beyond the illness.

No physical activity.  Not even allowed to pick up a pitchfork.  Until maybe Tuesday.  No work either.  I’m already bored.  Oh, and my hamstring is sore.  Had to run after a loose Donkey yesterday in big floppy boots.  Yeah, that didn’t help.

Could be worse.  I keep saying that.

I need to get better.  My total time out of training will be close to eight weeks.

I’m a little panicky right now.  25K in 11 weeks.  No training.  No 5K next weekend.  Come on universe….

I’m off to sulk.


8 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Mind Margins/Run Nature
    Mar 07, 2013 @ 21:05:14

    I so feel your pain. I’ve had bronchitis many, many times (but never had to wear a monitor, yikes). Hang in there and get plenty of rest. You probably don’t really feel like doing much anyway. Time to catch up on some reading and movies!


  2. nicklemary
    Mar 07, 2013 @ 21:43:25

    This will give you some time to read running books and plan out your next 11 weeks. Healthy weeks! Yuck, though, this is just no fun to be sidelined. Good for your leg, though? Trying to find some positives…


    • spottedimages
      Mar 08, 2013 @ 00:12:34

      GREAT for my leg so it is a tiny blessing. Remind me to tell you about the loose donkey story and why my leg is sore again. Better tonight!


  3. vttrailgirl
    Mar 07, 2013 @ 22:10:58

    Sending healing your way. No stress, okay? It impedes recovery.


  4. sharpee
    Mar 07, 2013 @ 23:04:57

    Plently of time to heal, I’ll even offer to kneecap your training partner so he doesnt get too far ahead! Rest up!


  5. athletewithinja
    Mar 08, 2013 @ 15:29:33

    Just hang in there! My aunt got sick before weeks before her race but she did totally fine on the day. She remained positive about it.
    Get well! and Rest well! 🙂


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