Snow ponies and shoveling!



Meet Tiki, one of the kindest horses I have ever owned.  He came to me a little over 2 years ago from a foster mom in Connecticut   He was living with her through an arrangement with the rescue that owned him.  Tiki was sent through auction and thankfully was rescued by Beech Brook Farm several years ago.  He was one of their first rescues and became an ambassador for their farm as well as the personal horse of the owner’s daughter for awhile.  Finally, it was time to be placed and we found each other.  I was told he rejected a few people who came to try him before me…. it was meant to be.  While I don’t ride often anymore, I LOVE the care the goes along with owning horses and am fortunate enough to have a husband who built me my own barn.  He also agreed to drive to Connecticut to pick up this doll too.

I do not lock my horses in during most inclement weather.  I have had my barn since December 2008 and have closed their stall doors less than a handful of times.  My horses choose to come and go and are very healthy for it.  I cover them with waterproof blankets and they have a blast!  Trust me, he isn’t cold 🙂

I am 6 days into my mandatory rest for my hamstring strain.  Unfortunately with two feet of snow, I have to shovel.  My leg has been holding up OK with a little knee soreness.  I had a stim treatment yesterday… what a difference it makes.  I tweaked my leg late Thursday night at work.  I was so mad….. was a mean reminder I can’t run yet.  Heck, I can’t do much!  The doc told me the tweaking will be normal for the duration of healing.  There is no way to isolate the region so I am shit out of luck when it comes to fast healing.  So, I get to be careful.  Hopefully no foot pursuits for me!!!!!!!

Time to drink more coffee before we get the tractor out and clear paths for the miniature donkey.  I will try to get a picture of him later.  He is 32″ tall and bundled up just like the big guys.  Right now, he can’t walk in the snow!  He watches longingly from the stalls !  He will be thrilled when we make him a track to hang out on.

Hope everyone is coping well with whatever weather you may be getting!


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Mind Margins/Run Nature
    Feb 09, 2013 @ 18:18:24

    Love your horse! You have a good man there if he’ll build you a barn for your horse!


  2. nicklemary
    Feb 10, 2013 @ 16:56:18

    Love the tiki. I had to kick the dogs out the door before T got home and could snow blow them a path. On my way to the city:).


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