Third shift eating

I am 2 1/2 days through my imposed rest.  Here is a quick hamstring update:

– Much less pain.  I can actually now just relate it to a tight muscle versus a throbbing annoyance.  I am still heating, resting (as in no structured exercise) and being cautious.

– I have another stim treatment on Friday.  I CANNOT WAIT!  This made the leg super sore after my treatment on Monday (worked all night Monday night which didn’t help) but when I finally got 8 hours of sleep on Tuesday and when I woke up, I felt AMAZING.  The pain was gone!  I know it’s still there because it reminds me if I step funny or get to cocky and try to bound up the stairs, but so much better!

I am sad because we are getting a major snowstorm on Friday… I have only been snowshoeing a couple of times this year and was eager to get back out there, plus compete in a local snowshoe 5K later this month.  No go!  I will just have to watch the snow from a far with a glass of red wine.  I did luck out and I am off Friday night!  No snowstorm working for me!

Speaking of work, I got to thinking over the last few weeks that I think I have finally taken the right approach to overnight eating.  For me, the worst part about staying up all night isn’t the sleep deprivation, it is the HUNGER.  Intense hunger that doesn’t seem to go away.  I have managed to get it under control with a few simple tactics:

1) Grazing on the following core items –

Chobani Yogurt


Kashi GOLEAN Rolls – side note on these:  I realize processed food isn’t ideal, but sometimes a girl just needs a quick accessible fix in my line of work.  These don’t go bad, I can just throw them in my bag and they taste amazing!

2) Structured meal times –

My shift starts at 10:00 pm and by then I have already had a meal at home.  My next meal I plan to eat between 1:00-2:00 AM if the meal gods align (if not I shove a Kashi roll down my throat!).  Common meals are:

– Salads with a protein source (chicken, canned tuna or steak – whatever is around the fridge)

Grilled chicken salad

Grilled chicken salad

– Leftovers

– Frozen meals:  High in sodium, but great for portion control.  I love Lean Cuisine’s BBQ Chicken Pizza.  I have also started getting meals from Blake’s All Natural.  They are a small company in Concord NH and specialize in small batch production.  So good!

– PB & J – I love Teddie Crunchy PB!

3) Final meal of the shift:  Generally around 5:00 AM.  This is usually breakfast themed for me.  If I can avoid it, I do NOT go to the local diner where I end up eating greasy bacon, eggs and homefries.  Not so great for keeping the weight off but good for sleeping 🙂  Instead I do the following –

– Quick Oats with a teaspoon or so of Dark Chocolate Dreams PB

– Whole wheat english muffin with Teddie PB

– Egg whites with something mixed in:

Egg whites and bacon

Egg whites and bacon

The egg whites are a new addition (not sure how I feel about them yet… I love yolk so this is a new experience).  Hey!  The bacon is Paleo!

Finally, I have started drinking a super greens powder.  I will do a full review on this product after a full week, but I am adoring my new green juice!


Overall, the combination of smarter eating is keeping me fuller longer, keeping me asleep during the day without hunger pangs and keeping my weight under control.

Any other food suggestions for me?  I have access to a microwave and a toaster oven!


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  1. Birgit Nazarian
    Feb 07, 2013 @ 15:37:01

    Try making your own green smoothies. Check out the Vedged Out blog on WordPress, Somer, the author is a runner and she has a great diet plan there. I followed it partially and it’s very healthy and good tasting. BTW, I had hamstring problems for abotu 6 months. It will go away, but physical therapy is going to help you get through it faster than I could on my own so just do what they say and soon I hope you feel great!


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