The verdict – Day 1 1/2 down

Day 1  (and a half) of Doctor imposed rest is in the books.  His diagnosis and my prognosis:

Extension injury of my right hamstring:  As he described it, an extension injury could be caused by the darn jump squats I did at the gym the day before my knee started to pull.  No real coincidence there.  I have been lifting (to include squats and lunges with weight for over a year) but plyo moves are a relatively new activity for me.  Weakened hamstrings may have been affected by this move.

Prognosis:  Doctor does not believe this was caused by running.  While my mileage was something like this: October – 65, November – 50, December – 50, January – 67, I was cross training in November and December to include Boot Camp, Combat and Body Pump.  My legs are strong right now!  The strongest they have ever looked and felt.

He believes I will get back to running and that it will not be effected long term by this injury.  He did ask what my long terms goals were (my response was “run 50 miles”) to which he replied I needed to stop running now in order to get strong again.

Medical advice:  Two weeks of complete rest (aside from daily barn work and work-work).  I am to be as careful as possible to avoid ladders, stairs, etc.  Anything that will stress the hamstring.   I go back for another electrical stimulation treatment on Friday.  I anticipate these treatments weekly for a bit.  I also have periodic massages scheduled for the next month or so.

This journey we call “running”…. ain’t it something 🙂

I plan on spending the next few weeks working on new meal plans focusing on strength and recovery (diving into my new Paleo book).  I am also not going to stress about the Holy Grail 5K in March.  If I can run it… great.  Walk it… great.  Spectate and cheer on my friends?  Awesome!  I am refusing to even look into April at this point.  My leg is no longer throbbing after sleeping the day away (worked last night).  That I feel is a great sign.  The stim and adjustments helped a lot.  Like a good patient I am determined to not run or engage in any activity until I am told to do so at this point.  Long term goals are much more important than the short term!


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Mind Margins/Run Nature
    Feb 05, 2013 @ 21:22:07

    So glad to hear it wasn’t running induced and all you need is rest. Periodic massages sound nice, too!


  2. vttrailgirl
    Feb 06, 2013 @ 01:23:50

    Glad to find your blog. What a positive attitude you have. Yes!, think long term. Our bodies will thank us.


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