Maybe today will be better….

I decided to give my leg a test run yesterday.  My intent was to mostly walk, maybe a little jog and test my new Polar HR monitor.

Fail on all accounts.

My leg was brutal.  I actually felt like it was muscle spasms from the the top of my hamstrings down to my calf.  It was EVERYWHERE!  So tight.  I stopped at one point, convinced I might not even make the half mile walk home.  Once I got back to the house, I rolled it out and stretched using my band.  Just as I popped four ibuprofen, all pain dissipated.  Literally, it was gone.  Huh?  I’m sure the ibuprofen didn’t hurt… but I probably could have gotten away from not taking it given that moments later my pain was gone.  I am off to the chiro on Monday for a back adjustment and e-stim to that leg.

I spent most of last night sitting down (out with friends, more on that in a moment) and my leg was sore but not painful when we got home.  This morning it feels great.  I am going to stretch and roll again and go for an actual WALK.  Maybe a test jog 🙂  I also need to figure out why my HR monitor is not talking to Runkeeper.  That’s on the to do list too.

Every year, we get a group together to go out and celebrate three birthdays within 5 days.  We always go to a local bar that is known for their pool tables and shuffleboard.  Every year we play games and have a great time.  Last night, we got the bar and realized they had rented most of the tables and both shuffleboard tables out to a function.  That has never happened!  Live and learn, we will be calling ahead next year!  The group (about 16 of us) took over a sitting area…. literally kicked people out… ok, we waited for them to leave then commandeered tables and chairs.  The Bruins were on (that made Lise and the guys happy) and the food was great.  I got a FABULOUS book I cannot wait to use from Tony and Lise!


The recipes look super easy!  Pictures are great too!  My kind friends also decided to plot against me and gave me three bottles of mustard.  I HATE mustard to the point it makes me queasy.  Bastards 🙂  Eric seemed pretty happy about it!  I have GREAT friends!  No, really they rock.


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  1. sharpee
    Feb 03, 2013 @ 16:01:54

    That book looks awful familiar!


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