Can’t run? Eat cupcakes!

It’s been a week and a half since I first noticed something up with my knee.  On Monday, it was confirmed to be a hamstring strain.  Over the last few days, I have been heating it per instructions, taking occasional ibuprofen (at work only) and resting.  I was able to start stretching it two days ago using a huge rubber band I got when I was in PT for the shin splints in 2011.  It helped a little.  The discomfort started with my knee, then I could feel it in the middle of the back of my leg.  The discomfort seems to migrate each day… lower and lower.  This morning I woke up actually thinking it felt pretty good.  I am on a heating pad right now and considering going for a walk/jog today.  I haven’t been able to fit a yoga class in (worked 20 hours, got about 5 hours of sleep) but hope to tomorrow morning.  I am still taking 4 Tissue Rejuventor capsules a day for now.

Since I was feeling bad for myself, I decided to try a new chocolate cupcake recipe I stumbled upon:


These are insane.  They are called Mayonnaise Cupcakes.  Seriously, made with Miracle Whip.  Here is the recipe.  I didn’t tell my husband (who loves sweets) what is in the them.  He sent me a text at work saying these were the best he has ever had.  I frosted them with Dark Chocolate Dreams Peanut Butter and sprinkled the tops with Andes chocolate baking chips.  Good thing this recipe only made 6!

I have another motivation for wanting to head out in my sneakers today…. I bought myself a birthday present 🙂  After weeks of research, I finally bought a heart rate monitor for my phone.  The plan is to use it with RunKeeper.  I settled on the Polar Wearlink transmitter with Bluetooth.  My phone is NOT on the list.  That is where this whole process gets tricky!  I use a Galaxy S2 from Sprint.  In order to determine this unit would actually work with this phone, I had to search my current operating system, Bluetooth version and the phone’s kernel (huh?).  What a mess.  Horror stories of some phone just not working with any manufacturer HR monitor, even if listed on the recommendations.  I finally took my chances after finding people in forums and reviews with my phone having success with this model.   It came last night and worked right out of the package!  $62.00 on Amazon!  I was a little nervous of the size too (M-XXL).  I wear a 34″ or 36″ bra (depends on the bra) and this fits great.  I don’t even have it all the way in.  The strap is super soft and flexible all the way around too.  So…. a walk may be in order, both for my sanity and so I can see how well this HRM actually works!

Going to end this entry with a January recap:

Miles run:  67.1

Cross training days:  2 (FAIL!)

Running gear purchased:  HRM monitor, running jacket, 2/3 capris, socks (1 pair) ** trying to keep myself under control by forcing myself to list my purchases! **

Injuries:  Strained right hamstring, blister on left foot (changed laces, that helped!)

What I ate too much of:  Snapea Crisps

What I didn’t eat but love:  chips.  All chips.


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