What a cruel joke!

Cleared to run… really run…. as in “hit the trails” run and I am as sick as a dog.  Also happens to be the first week of 25K training.  Funny huh?  I am in no mood to really structure this thing, but want to stay up to date so here goes nothing!


Two runs since my first test run.  Yesterday’s run was delightful.  3.2 miles on the snowmobile trails on the hardpacked snow.  Felt awesome, lungs were ANGRY!  Many walk breaks.  Finished in just over 40 minutes with no hamstring pain whatsoever!

25K training starts this week with a few short runs during the week (2.5 miles) and two back-to-back runs this weekend (3.1 miles Saturday and 4.3 miles Sunday).  I plan on getting in one more run tomorrow and doing both weekend runs.  If I am still bogged down with this cold I will skip tomorrow in lieu of the weekend runs.  This training program comes at a good time since I need to get back into the routine.  It is also in preparation for the Pineland 25K on Memorial Day Weekend.  Here we go!

My first scheduled race is March 16 for the Holy Grail 5K.  Looking forward to it!


Just an annoying head cold.  Ick.  Started as a tickle in my throat, now it’s RAGING.  Please be gone.  Now.


Working 2pm-10pm now.  Way better.  Way more sleep.


Not bad.  Been packing my days full of veggies, bananas, water and lean protein.  Been really good about reducing the red meat (until tonight when I eat chili from the crockpot).


Ok, I need a nap now.  Peace out.


Snow is cramping my style!

The northeast is due for another HUGE storm!  We are getting punished for lack of snow last year.  I am not the only one planning on training for distance runs this winter… still doesn’t mean I can’t complain a little.  To add further insult, I am allowed to run but NOT in the woods which is where I have been training.  The snowmobile trails look so inviting too!

Ran yesterday and got a relatively flat 3.5 miles in.  I bundled up (two pairs of pants, two shirts, vest, wind running jacket, wool socks, Speedcross 3, hat, gloves) and headed out in the 25 degree sun.  The wind was pretty strong but I didn’t care.  All I really cared about was keeping my legs warm.  The first mile or so was completely pain free.  I had no sensation in my leg at all.  As the run progressed, the weak knee feeling crept up.  Still no twinges at the strain site and no discomfort down the side of my leg to my knee.  It just felt unsupported slightly.  This was the feeling I got initially when this injury started.  I consider this an improvement over my Tuesday run since there was no twinges at all!  I worked an 11 hour shift following this run and woke up feeling good this morning.  What I realized from the run was:

1) You lose wind fast.  Three weeks without getting my heart rate up definitely took it’s toll. Going to take some time to build back the endurance I lost.

2) Coming back is a slow process.

3) I definitely missed running 🙂

On a side (but related note) I switched shifts again.  Every six weeks baby!  I now sleep at night, but work from either 2pm-10pm or 2pm-midnight.  Here is a shot I got last night… I missed the daylight:



Recipe update!  I tried a new one from “Practical Paleo” book on Tuesday night.  The recipe is as follows:

– Skinless chicken thighs (recipe calls for bone-in, I used boneless without issue)

– Bacon

– Smokey spices (I used McKormick smokey maple BBQ something or other… yum!)

Wrap each piece of chicken with a strip of bacon, arrange in a baking dish and cook for 40 minutes at 375 degrees.  We finished them on broil for 5 minutes.  Excellent.  And they have bacon.  We love bacon!  I had a side of brussel sprouts again.  I can’t get enough of them.


Stay tuned for 25K running program updates that start next week!  

First run done!

Today was my first comfortable run in three weeks and my first since my imposed two week break.  In a word – YAY!!!!!  Here is the recap:


This includes a walk warm up for the first quarter mile.  I decided to run with tunes today because I figured if it sucked at least I had something to listen to instead of my angry thoughts.  Come to find out, it was fine!  I felt a twinge about three times over the course of the run.  It was up high where the strain occurred and definitely cannot be defined as pain.  More like tightness that faded almost as soon as I felt it.  I kept my pace slow and truth be told, my lungs would have revolted anyway.  Legs were great, hamstring was good, lower back was tight.  Overall, I give it a 90% recovery of my hamstring.  Doctor was happy with my progress, administered another stim treatment and told me rest tomorrow, run Thursday!  I have resumed preventative heat therapy after each run.

On a food note, we tried a chicken crockpot recipe last night.  Here is the beer we used:


It is Heart of Darkness by Magic Hat and it is a delightful stout.  I threw chicken breast and the stout along with some seasoning into the crockpot.  Once done, Eric made a rue and used the stout “juices” to make a gravy.  Holy moly.  Served the gravy over the chicken and rice.  Yup, nice little experiment.  I added brussel sprouts to my plate (Eric refused them!).  Fantastic meal.  Tonight I am trying a peleo chicken recipe.  More on that later!

Counting down….

Not much new to report here…. Two more days until I can run.  I was cleared to try tomorrow, but seeing as we are about to have another storm and tomorrow is supposed to be cold and windy, the doc suggested I wait it out until Tuesday.

Prescription:  2-3 slow, flat miles

I realized tonight the biggest thing I have missed about my runs has been taking pictures.  My feet take me to some pretty cool places around the seacoast and I am looking forward to exploring a lot more!  This is still one of my favorite pictures:

North Hampton

So I am pleased to report the following about my “rehab” period (about three weeks):

– I haven’t gained any weight.  Holding steady at 132.

– I have learned a lot about hamstrings and the muscle healing process.

– I love electric stimulation even more than before!

– Heat does work!

– I have some new recipe ideas (I will post as I try them)

– I have committed to adding a weekly yoga class to my routine

The not so good about this rehab:

– My skin has FREAKED OUT!  I have been acne prone for the last year or so (about when I started the running) but it was under control and looked great.  No sweat = clogged pores and acne.  What the hell!

– I’m BORED and losing motivation daily

– I miss my running partners!

– I miss the gym (Body Pump, Arc, Combat)

– My running clothes are too clean and taunting me daily… as are my shoes

– I need my laughter fix I get from running with my people

Soon!!!!!!  Tuesday is the day!  My leg feels amazing…. I am ready!


Here’s hoping I might get to run next week!  I am on day 8 of my doctor imposed rest cycle of two weeks.  After another stim treatment yesterday and a discussion of my current discomforts and what not, he said the words “I might have you running next week!”

WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!  Yup, that’s what I said in my head.  That was followed by IF your hamstring continues to be pain/spasm/twitch/anger free (it’s been 4 days).  And I was warned I would be starting with 3 miles.  Sweet.  I’m in.  I would be happy if he said 1 mile.  So, I continue with my heating pad and paying attention (which I am finding I am NOT paying attention as much… lack of reminders from my leg).

Did you check out my Product Reviews page?  I wrote a little piece on my new found green juice.

Other than that…. I have been noticing nothing but crickets coming from my running partner’s page…. I’m going to heckle him a bit because while I know he is on a break (he is old and it is cold and too snowy for him), he did say this blog was a place for food logging and such.  Hmmmm…. silence.  This is for him….


Finally, I will leave off with some musing about shoes.  I am currently running in Saucony Kinvara TR trail shoes as my primary kicks.  I like them, but I am not in love.  Frankly, I am a little mad at them right now because for the last month I was developing an annoying hot spot on my left foot.  They are a 4mm drop, but almost every tester says they run like a 0 mm drop.  No big deal in my book, but I wonder if they are ideal for going the distance.  My longest run was 12 trail miles in them.  I have been using them on the pavement and even have a 5K PR in them.  All that being said, I have started the research for new shoes and know I am most likely going to stay with Saucony but I am conflicted.  More on my internal DON’T BUY NEW SHOES YET conflict later…

What do you wear for trails?  I need ideas!


Wishing I could run…

It’s been a week since I have been in my running shoes.  Almost two weeks since my last real run.  My leg, especially in the hamstring region, is feeling good.  My right leg along the IT band is a little tight, but I think that has a lot to do with residual hip issues as a result of this injury.  This thing really messed with that hip.  I used to have trouble with my hips when I rode competitively but it has been years since I have issues.  Unfortunately this injury has wrecked havoc in that area!  I will say overall, I feel the heal!  I am not ready to run physically but cannot wait to get back out there and suffer 🙂

Instead of running, we have been shoveling and pressure washing equipment today.  Truck, dump trailer and farm tractor all needed a clean up after this massive storm.  It has felt good to do ANYTHING that makes me break a sweat!  Plus the sun is shining and it is warm (low 30s)!

As promised, one more snow picture!  This is my little guy (32″) just before we plowed his paddock.  He was not impressed… literally could not walk in the two feet of snow we got!



Midnight shift tonight and a stim treatment tomorrow.  This is going to be a very long work week, but it is my last week on overnights for a few months.  I am supposed to be starting my 25K plan on February 25th, but hard to say if that will happen at this point.  Stay tuned….

Snow ponies and shoveling!



Meet Tiki, one of the kindest horses I have ever owned.  He came to me a little over 2 years ago from a foster mom in Connecticut   He was living with her through an arrangement with the rescue that owned him.  Tiki was sent through auction and thankfully was rescued by Beech Brook Farm several years ago.  He was one of their first rescues and became an ambassador for their farm as well as the personal horse of the owner’s daughter for awhile.  Finally, it was time to be placed and we found each other.  I was told he rejected a few people who came to try him before me…. it was meant to be.  While I don’t ride often anymore, I LOVE the care the goes along with owning horses and am fortunate enough to have a husband who built me my own barn.  He also agreed to drive to Connecticut to pick up this doll too.

I do not lock my horses in during most inclement weather.  I have had my barn since December 2008 and have closed their stall doors less than a handful of times.  My horses choose to come and go and are very healthy for it.  I cover them with waterproof blankets and they have a blast!  Trust me, he isn’t cold 🙂

I am 6 days into my mandatory rest for my hamstring strain.  Unfortunately with two feet of snow, I have to shovel.  My leg has been holding up OK with a little knee soreness.  I had a stim treatment yesterday… what a difference it makes.  I tweaked my leg late Thursday night at work.  I was so mad….. was a mean reminder I can’t run yet.  Heck, I can’t do much!  The doc told me the tweaking will be normal for the duration of healing.  There is no way to isolate the region so I am shit out of luck when it comes to fast healing.  So, I get to be careful.  Hopefully no foot pursuits for me!!!!!!!

Time to drink more coffee before we get the tractor out and clear paths for the miniature donkey.  I will try to get a picture of him later.  He is 32″ tall and bundled up just like the big guys.  Right now, he can’t walk in the snow!  He watches longingly from the stalls !  He will be thrilled when we make him a track to hang out on.

Hope everyone is coping well with whatever weather you may be getting!

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