Which came first?


It’s official… I have a strained hamstring.  And I am relieved.  I was freaking myself out reading IT band syndrome articles.  I have strained and otherwise injured muscles in the past.  Heck, last winter, I fell on the ice and strained my rotator cuff and upper back.  A few weeks later, I was lifting again.  “Syndrome”  just seems like a whole ‘nother beast!  I post this document to show the “overstretch” injury we think I am suffering from.  It is in about the right location too.  I went to see my massage therapist last night.  I have been seeing her for years and she  is excellent when it comes to working out what ails me.  I explained my issue and she went to work.  It took her literally a moment to find the root of my issue.  I almost leapt off the table!  A few minutes later, I was in bliss.  My lower back was still ridiculously tight as was my hamstrings when she went to work.  The massage felt amazing.

In all the reading I have done, it appears as if I have a Grade 1 strain:

– little to no limp/change in stride (check)

– weak knee (check)

– pain or soreness with flexion of hamstring muscles (check)

– no bruising (check)

– no swelling (check)

I have been instructed to rest, go to yoga, stretch and heat my hamstring for a few days.   I’m already going a little nutty.  I had  planned on going to Body Pump this morning (before I did this) but squats and lunges should not be on my agenda for “rest.”  I also wanted to get a few more (10 miles) in this week.  Oh well, few miles this week in exchange for getting back out there in a week or two is a better option than being injured long term.  Other than calf issues, I have been extremely lucky.  I also realized I upped my mileage a little too quickly from December to January.  I did about 70 miles this month and about 50 last month.    This is what happens when I feel good.

Structure structure structure….  I woke up this morning with soreness but no “weak” knee feeling.  The healing is happening!

I will start a 25K training plan at the end of February and will rest as long as it takes to start that strong.  Here is a stretching chart I found to use too:


I have got to get my butt (hahaha literally) to yoga once or twice a week.  So there you have it… rest, ease back on mileage, yoga, pre-run dynamic stretching, post-run stretching (and ice if needed to for maintenance) and LISTEN to my body.   Looking back, the lower back pain I had a few weeks ago was probably the start of the hamstring strain.  It is all connected and one affects the other.  My chiropractor (massage therapist’s husband) will be doing electro-stim therapy on that hamstring on Monday too.  I have had tremendous success with this treatment on my calves and back in the past.  Stay tuned for ramblings and updates….


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  1. Mind Margins/Run Nature
    Jan 30, 2013 @ 14:17:00

    Glad it’s nothing serious!


  2. msmidt
    Jan 30, 2013 @ 15:00:55

    Be careful with the yoga. That is a perfect opportunity to overstretch. I attended for a couple years, and my muscles felt loose and limber, but I don’t necessarily think a lot of aggressive yoga stretching helped my running.


    • spottedimages
      Jan 30, 2013 @ 15:48:18

      Good perspective! It’s funny, I actually find not stretching out my calves makes me perform better. I will keep that in mind! Hopefully one day a week will be a good happy medium.


  3. nicklemary
    Feb 01, 2013 @ 01:46:15

    Ouch! That’s no fun. (It’s me, Nikki). Where do you go for yoga? I’d like to get out on some of the trails for a walk/run. I like seeing the maps, that’s a great feature.


  4. daniellebitts
    Feb 01, 2013 @ 02:49:07

    Reblogged this on Danielle Bitts and commented:
    Prevent types of common injuries such as hamstring strains by stretching before AND after exercising. Another great time to stretch is in a hot shower while muscles remain contracted.


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