IT or Hamstring?

I am started to get sick of this pulling sensation in my right leg.  It’s focused around my knee, pulling most on the outside.  No pain associated with it, but I cannot roll or stretch it out.  A bunch of reading leaves me to believe it may be IT band syndrome.  A lot of what I read on that focuses on strengthening.   Hoping staying in classes will help with this.

Before today’s run, I even tried some new dynamic stretches and it didn’t help at ALL.  I did a 4.6 mile snow run with Tony yesterday.  Broke out the Speedcross and the Yaks and glided my way over various solid ice slicks.  Leg was no worse or better before or after that run.  I was hemming and hawing about doing a long run today, but decided to go for it once Katie said she was in.  I haven’t seen her in months and desperately needed to catch up time.  We met in Newmarket and used a route I created on Mapmyrun.  It was allegedly 8.6 miles.  More on the “alleged” part later…

Here was our run:


This is the fastest training run I have had in months!  This is what happens when us “hens” start chattering away.  Our splits were all over the place, but please take into consideration we had about 4-5 walk breaks.  Yeah, we were humming along.  My leg once again was tight and never loosened up.  It’s such a bummer because everything else feels awesome… calves, knees, feet, back.  I have a massage scheduled for tomorrow so I am hoping once I unleash Lanie on it, I will have some relief.  I did eventually break down and up my Tissue Rejuvenator and took ibuprofen.  I seem to have gotten some relief from the ibuprofen so that’s a good sign!  Against my will, I will rest tomorrow and maybe Wednesday.  It’s not so much I am afraid of losing condition, it’s that I don’t want to stop.  By the way, I have run 67 miles this month!!!  My all time high!

Regarding all things GPS – I have had it with the variations in devices!  My Runkeeper app (which we affectionately call Bitchface) shorts me up to a 1/4 mile every run.  Strava seems to be reading a little high (.1-.2 miles) and Katie’s Garmin falls between the two.  I guess close counts!  The best part though was mapping a run through Mapmyrun was a MILE off!!!!!!!  What the heck…. guess I will only use that as a loose guideline for planning new runs!  Do you have GPS woes too?


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  1. msmidt
    Jan 28, 2013 @ 21:20:47

    I would bet money on the IT, based on your description. Oftentimes, problems arise with the IT when you are adding miles too quickly. A little rest before slowly building volume may do the trick. For my first couple of marathons, mine hurt a lot. But I haven’t had problems in 8 years.

    As for the GPS, I find that none of the GPS apps are very accurate, and they are all over the board on their measurements. A dedicated Garmin or Timex or whatever will probably come the closest, and they still have a margin of error that can really add up on longer runs.


    • spottedimages
      Jan 28, 2013 @ 21:23:53

      Definitely a first for me… calves were usually my issue but since changing my stride and cadence I almost never have discomfort with them anymore! A break is in order!


  2. Mind Margins/Run Nature
    Jan 28, 2013 @ 22:04:58

    Take the rest. A few days off may be all it needs. The rest will be good and won’t affect your progress. I can’t begin to count how many people I know who get injured because they keep pushing and don’t back off when they need to. It’s better to take a few days off than keep pushing and put youself out for a few weeks or longer.


    • spottedimages
      Jan 29, 2013 @ 15:24:26

      Definitely agree! I am heading to the massage therapist today to see if she can work it out a little, then rest and strength training only for the week.


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